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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Make Trail Plans Today!

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Parks and Recreation is more than just a few parks and recreation centers. It also means TRAILS! And boy, have we been working on our trails! We want Denton to be walkable by trails, connect to other trail systems in other cities, and all around… just continue to improve.

One thing we’ve created is a new trail map! You can go and check out all the trails we have, plan your outing and get prepped before you even leave your house. Then, you can download the AllTrails App and track your adventure.

We’ve got some new and old trails that you should go check out ASAP! Visit Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, North Lakes Park, Copper Creek Trail, South Lake Park, and Sequoia Park. You’re sure to find a favorite at one of these.

One major component of the Master Plan is the trail system. For the last 18 months, we have been working with Dr. Joseph Walker, UNT faculty, to help plan a city-wide trail system. Because of this collaboration, we’re planning for over 200 miles of trails in Denton. While this is a long-term plan, visioning this today plans the trail for tomorrow.

So, what type of trails are they? They are park trails, sidepaths along roadways, on-street, and trails in greenways or along creeks. We’re also planning for connectivity to existing and future neighborhoods, schools, and businesses.

We want to see more events on the trails, more people on the trails… more, more more! Trails connect people to places and ideas. It connects us to Denton. Have an idea of an event you want to host on a trail? Contact specialevents@cityofdenton.com.

Stay tuned for more great trails coming to Denton!

Source: City of Denton

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