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Voice of Denton is locally owned and operated and committed to sharing the unique culture and lifestyle that only exists in our hometown, from local events and businesses to Dentonites. You are not just investing in a cause; you’re helping to tell the stories of what makes Denton so great – stories about people who live here and how they make an impact on our community.

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You are the reason we can keep delivering content about Denton. Your support will go to paying our writers, who are local as well, so they continue producing amazing stories and information for you! We are so grateful for your support and would like to offer you a gift in return.

20-Can Cooler

Pack snacks, drinks and lunch for the day in this 20-can event cooler. Main compartment features a U-shaped zip top opening for easy packing/unpacking.

Picnic Blanket

This Crossland® picnic blanket is made from polyester fleece with a water-resistant backing. It folds up and is secured by a fabric flap which includes a pocket and carry handle for easy transportation.

VOD Magnet - Made by Denton artist

Square Picnic

$ 50
Cooler + Picnic Blanket
  • Cooler holds 20-12oz Cans
  • Picnic blanket with water-resistant backing
  • VOD magnet


$ 40
Crossland® Picnic Blanket
  • Water-resistant backing
  • Polyester fleece
  • Folded: 12.25" x 6.25" x 4"
  • Unfolded: 52" x 47"


$ 20
20 Can Event Cooler
  • Pack snacks, drinks and lunch
  • Holds 20 Standard 12oz Cans
  • U-shaped zip top opening
  • Size: 10.5" x 12" x 6.5"


$ 10
We appreciate your support
  • VOD magnet


$ 5
Set your own
  • No Gift

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