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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Jury Duty Scam Alert

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The Denton Police Department has received several reports regarding a “Jury Duty Scam.” The caller identifies himself as “Ofc. Taylor” or “Lt. Antonio Rodriguez” with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office and sounds very professional.

The caller(s) allege that a warrant has been issued by the Denton County Courts/Jury Services for failing to appear for Jury Duty, and that the recipient of the call can either surrender to the police or pay $1800 in fees.

The call recipient is instructed to purchase “secured funds” cards (commonly known as MoneyPaks) in $300-500 denominations. The call recipient is then instructed to provide the “officers” with the numbers off the MoneyPaks and mail the redeemed MoneyPaks (along with the receipt of purchase from the merchant) to Denton County Jury Service for a “refund.”

The Denton Police Department warns that the Denton County Sheriff’s Office, Denton County Jury Services or the Denton Police Department does not call people regarding missed jury service, warrants for their arrest, and/or any acceptance of payment by gift card.

For further information regarding Denton County Jury Services please contact them directly at 940-349-2230.

Source: City of Denton

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