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4 Ways to Get Fit In Denton

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With the New Year almost upon us, this is the time of year a lot of people begin to think about starting a few workout regimen. Thankfully there are lots of great places right here in Denton that can help you get fit in 2023. Here’s a look at just four of them to get you started!

The MVMT Lab

According to founder and owner Jason Doherty, The MVMT (pronounced “movement”) Lab is a place for people of all different fitness levels to come in and be taught and coached by trainers through group classes.


“Our coaches … teach people how to move correctly with and without weight,” he explains. “We use the benefits of gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, (and) conditioning, to make up an hour class that is coach-led. They demonstrate the movements that they’re doing that day, they watch for our members ‘safety, and then also describe the stimulus of the workout that day, so they kind of act as personal trainers split between the number of attendees in the class.”

On average, Doherty says each class has between six to eight participants. The classes, which are held at various times during the day Monday through Sunday, include a mix of both cardio and strength training.

“Having a coach and advocate behind you, and a community of people that are going through the same workout together, really helps reinforce and actually makes the change that a lot of people are seeking out when they (start) their New Year’s resolutions,” he adds.


The MVMT Lab also recently started classes for kids and teens. “Those classes are basically PE class, but supplementation to the PE class and preparation for it,” Doherty says. “It’s movement in games and in play. We’ll teach one kind of archetype — let’s say the squat — to the kids for about five minutes. And then the rest of it is using that squat through games so that the children don’t even know that they’re doing fitness. They just think they’re playing games the whole time.”

In addition to fitness classes, The MVMT Lab also offers nutrition counseling and recently launched a meal service. “We have a local chef that’s preparing nutritious meals that help people do the most important thing, which is what they eat, paired with our nutrition services,” Doherty details. “I’m hoping to have a big impact on the gym because I find that’s kind of the weakest thing.”

And The MVMT Lab also has an infrared sauna that Doherty says can help with weight loss and ease both anxiety and stress.

The MVMT Lab is located at 109 West Walnut in Denton. For a class schedule and more information, visit themvmtlabntx.com or follow them on Facebook.

Denton Spin Company

If indoor cycling is something you want to try or do more of in 2023, then Denton Spin Company — which just opened its doors in March — is for you.

Denton Spin Company

Co-owner Mollie Mahan says the studio prides itself on its uniqueness. “There are boutique studios and there are gyms and everyone has their own vibe,” she explains. “And what I wanted to do is to bring something very Denton to Denton, because it is unique and artsy and full of very unique people. When you walk in, you just feel comfortable — it’s a very inclusive environment.”

“We have a big variety of our demographic and a variety of like ages — it’s just really all over the board, which is so cool and what makes us so different,” Mahan adds.

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Just like its name suggests, the Denton Spin Company mainly focuses on indoor cycling. “We love the music — the music is the best part,” Mahan says. “All of our cycling is to the beat. We’ll do themes and make it fun.”

Additionally, the studio also offers yoga and strength training, with classes throughout the week either focusing on one specific fitness area or a combination.

“One of our class formats we do as a hybrid, so it’s 30 minutes in the cycle room and 20 minutes lifting weights,” Mahan explains. “All of the classes are led by a coach and they can go anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour depending on which class you do.”

And Mahan stresses the studio’s classes are all beginner-friendly. “We always teach to the beginner so modifications are there,” she continues. “When I say all-inclusive, it means so much more than just how we treat people. It’s just how we tailor the workout to everyone that walks into the door.”

For those considering trying a new fitness program for 2023, Mahan encourages them to come out and try a class. “A lot of people will tell me oh, I’m out of shape, I can’t come or it’s not for me,” she says. “And so I always tell people, once you’re there you’ll understand how different it is and that anyone can do it. There is something for everyone.”

Denton Spin Company is located at 608 East Hickory St., Suite 120 in Denton. For a class schedule and more information, visit dentonspinco.com or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Twisted Bodies

According to co-owner and instructor Khristen Pahler, Twisted Bodies is a pilates and yoga studio at its care, but also offers classes in barre, TRX, Pound, and — for those who like something different — pole dancing.

“(Pole dancing) is always super fun and everybody’s like I’m never gonna do that, and then they do it and they never take any other classes,” Pahler says with a laugh.

The studio offers a full class schedule throughout the week, all taught by nationally-certified trainers.

Twisted Bodies

“We keep our group classes small,” Pahler details. “In a mat class, you’ll never have more than 10 people in there. And in an equipment class — TRX, pole, pilates reformer — you will never have more than five people in that class. That’s so that we can offer as much attention to you as possible, educate you about your body, and make any corrections that need to happen in class so that you remain safe throughout your workout.”

Interested in trying a pole class in 2023, but you find it intimidating? Pahler says not to worry. “A lot of people come to the intro class and that’s a very grounded class — most of the time your feet don’t really leave the floor,” she explains. “And you come in and you’re like, I’m not that strong, I can’t lift myself up. And then all of a sudden you’re floating off the ground, and you don’t know how it happened, and you feel amazed by your own body and strength.”

Another popular class at Twisted Bodies is Pound where participants use weighted drumsticks to “drum” in the air and on the ground. “They’re not heavy — they’re maybe a pound each,” Pahler says. “It’s full of squats and lunges and bridges and core work. The whole time you’re drumming to a really fun playlist. It’s loud and it’s very sweaty.”

In addition to group classes, Twisted Bodies also offer private training and private parties for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and other celebrations.

“We all have a fear of trying something new and getting over that fear is a really personal choice,” Pahler says. “Just know that we’re here to help you through those ups and downs and help you to eliminate the fear of change. We are inclusive of all genders, all body types. Everyone is welcome in our doors and we have something for everyone.”

Twisted Bodies is located at 1706 North Elm Street in Denton. For a class schedule and more information, visit twistedbodies.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Denton MAC

Denton MAC — which stands for martial arts and conditioning — is all about offering people a variety of choices to have better health and fitness through movement, according to owner John Thompson.

One side of the studio focuses on martial arts, including judo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, karate, and Aikido. And the other side is all about conditioning, including CrossFit and Olympic lifting. All disciplines are available throughout a variety of classes held during the week.

In addition to adult classes, Denton MAC also offers a kids’ martial arts program that Thompson says is a blend of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, Aikido, and karate.

Denton MAC

“With the little ones, I focus on basic movements, good behavior, being a good team player, but they still learn some martial moves,” he explains. “I don’t really gear it towards sport — I’m really more interested in cultivating a whole person and ethic in skill. When they get a little bit older (and start) my Samurai program, that’s when you really start to see them blossom as martial artists.”

Thompson also offers a real-world self-defense workshop once a week called SPEAR. “It’s a tactical approach,” he details. “We talk a lot about what happens physiologically when you’re in a situation and you get scared, so we deal with a lot of fear management. We like to reverse engineer situations and walk it backwards — that way we can kind of see what we can do.”

“It’s really amazing how even in just a couple classes, I can show someone with absolutely no martial arts experience how they are a human weapon, and how they have skills right there within them that they didn’t even know they had,” Thompson adds.

For anyone considering trying or increasing their martial arts or conditioning training in the New Year, Thompson just says to come in and give it a try. “No matter what program they try, they’re going to be surrounded by a bunch of people who are there just to have a good time and to learn and to put in some work,” he says.

“We offer so many different programs that I would suggest to someone to try out a few different classes,” Thompson continues. “Maybe you do one of the martial arts and you didn’t like it, but maybe the conditioning class is something that really got you excited. That’s the nice thing about having some variety — you can pick and choose and see what really fits you.”

Denton MAC is located at 1017 Shady Oaks Drive in Denton. For a class schedule and more information, visit dentonmac.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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