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Shop For A Cause – Help local nonprofits this holiday season by shopping at their resale stores.

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How Dentonites can help community members in need this holiday season.

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In need of holiday gifts for family and friends? For a change of pace this holiday season, consider shopping at one of the resale stores in Denton that benefits a local nonprofit organization. Here’s a look at a few of those stores and how your dollars can help make a difference to those in need in our community.

Twice As Nice Resale of Denton

Twice As Nice Resale of Denton benefits the Woman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center — an organization providing resources and support for women and families facing unintended pregnancy situations.

“We offer pregnancy testing, verification options, and education classes so that women and families earn maternal assistance,” says Ramona Davis, CEO of the Woman to Woman Pregnancy Resource Center.

The center also assists those living at or below the poverty level by connecting them with other organizations and agencies in the community. And as the center is a faith-based organization, they also provide spiritual support for those that are interested.

“We will stay involved with these families for as long as they want to stay involved with us,” Davis adds. “So many times we are their second family and their support for when they have a need.”

According to Davis, the Woman To Woman Pregnancy Resource Center opened Twice As Nice Resale of Denton in 2004 as a way to stabilize their budget.

The store is divided into two main sections connected by a main entrance breezeway. On one side, Davis says shoppers can find clothing for the entire family, including both vintage and current styles, as well as a wide selection of accessories, handbags, jewelry, and shoes.

That side also hosts a variety of housewares and small electronics, toys, books, crafts, and infant and baby items. They even have a sporting goods section.

“Someone was going skiing last year and they found a ski bib and all that they needed,” Davis says. “And then someone else found soccer equipment for their child that they were going to have to pay all this money for.”

On the other side of the breezeway is the store’s home furnishings area. There Davis says you can find a wide selection of new and gently used furniture, including dining room furniture, bed headboards and footboards, desks, couches, and lamps.

Everything for sale at Twice As Nice Resale of Denton comes from community donations. “We get donations regularly and we have people that come in at least once a week just to see what’s new and to get that great find,” Davis adds.

Davis urges Dentonites to keep an eye on their website calendar and Facebook page as the store runs a variety of sales throughout the year. For instance, every Thursday healthcare workers receive 50% off their purchase by showing their medical personnel ID. And you can receive 50% off items on your birthday.

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“(We encourage) people who (have) never been (to) come in and find that bargain, that gem, that you may have been looking for, or maybe even something you didn’t even know that you needed,” she adds. “Twice As Nice is a great place to connect with friends and to find things for your home, to find gift items, and to find clothing for the family.”

Twice As Nice Resale of Denton is located at 413 East Oak St. For hours and more information, visit twiceasniceresale.com or follow them on Facebook.

Ruth’s Room

Back in 1994 when the Denton affiliate of Habitat for Humanity was started, Bunny Hodges was an active board member leading the board’s fundraising committee. The committee used some events including auctions, festivals, and citywide garage sales to raise funds for the organization.

“One of the other ladies who was on the fundraising committee with me thought that a thrift store would do well,” Hodges recalls. “It was very labor intensive having to do the garage sales – going and picking up stuff, storing it, and then taking it to a place and then having to get rid of all this stuff that didn’t sell. It seemed like a thrift store would be easier to just lock the door when it’s time to close.”

In 2000, Hodges’ mother passed away and she says she was inspired to do something in her name. She decided to open a thrift store, Ruth’s Room — named for Hodges’ mother — that benefits Habitat for Humanity of Denton County. Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds, repairs, and rehabilitates homes for those in need through volunteer labor and community donations.

What can shoppers find at Ruth’s Room? Hodges says they have a little bit of what everything you would find in a department store, including clothing, housewares, electronics, crafts, jewelry, gift items, and a children’s area. The store also has a large selection of furniture and a bookstore within the store.

Hodges says 85% of all proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity of Denton County. Ten percent of proceeds is used by store staff to run the store. “And 5% (of revenue) the volunteers get to choose another worthy (human-need related) nonprofit that they wanted to contribute to,” she adds.

Over the past 22 years, Hodges says they have been able to donate over $2.3 million to Habitat for Humanity of Denton County.

For those who have yet to visit Ruth’s Room, Hodges says it’s a friendly environment with lots of great finds. “Our goal is to make it a very welcoming place,” she says. “We have a sign that says ‘peace to all who enter here’ and hopefully they feel that when they come in. I hope that people feel good when they come in. I hope that they think this is a pleasant and pretty place to shop.”

Ruth’s Room is located at 1721 North Carroll Blvd. For hours and more information, follow them on Facebook.


Looking to fix or spruce up something in your home? Or maybe you’re in need of building materials, furniture, or appliances? Then the ReStore, which also benefits Habitat for Humanity of Denton County, is a great place to find these items for a bargain, according to Store Manager Kevin Sample.

“When you go to Home Depot, the things that they sell there, that’s what we have,” he explains. “We take it as a donation and we resell it so people can repurpose it at a way lower discounted price.”

Credit – Facebook

For example, Sample says someone may donate a washer and dryer to the ReStore that brand new retails for $1,000. “We take it in, we check it, we make sure that it’s running well,” he explains. “Then we’re not going to sell it for $1,000 — we’ll sell it at a discounted price where sometimes it’s up to 40% to 50% to even 60% off the regular price.”

“We offer that to the community (because) we know that people in their time of need still need things for our houses,” Sample continues. “They can come down and may find that part that they need and they’re not out an arm and a leg.”

All of the items for sale in the ReStore come from community donations. Sample says they accept a wide variety of items. However, there are some items they do not accept — they provide a detailed list on their website of what they do and do not sell.

Sample says people are welcome to drop their donations off at the store or for larger items like furniture, they can schedule to have someone from the ReStore pick it up. “You can call our number at the store (and say you have a donation) — we’ll make out a pick-up ticket and we normally try to get it picked up between seven and 10 days,” he explains.

According to Sample, all proceeds from the ReStore directly benefit Habitat for Humanity of Denton County. “What we make from the store, that helps us fund the houses that we build for the people in our community,” he says. “We don’t keep anything – it all goes right back into the community and into the organization to fund the houses that we’re building.”

In addition to donating and shopping at the ReStore, Sample says community members can also opt to volunteer at the store. “When they volunteer at the store, they may sweep some days or I may need an icebox that’s ready to go out that needs to be wiped down,” he explains. “When I have volunteers, I’m able to get those things done so we can get things on the store floor. And then we can get it sold, people can be happy with their purchase, that we just take it and we put it right back into the organization.”

Habitat for Humanity of Denton County’s ReStore is located at 1805 Cornell Lane. For hours and more information, visit www.habitatdentonrestore.org or follow them on Facebook.

Upscale Resale Thrift Shop

The Upscale Resale Thrift Shop benefits Denton County Friends of the Family — a nonprofit organization providing free services to individuals and their families who have been affected by domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

According to Olivia Jane Barhorst, director of marketing and development for Denton County Friends of the Family, the thrift store helps provide a steady income to the agency when community members come to shop.

Additionally, the store acts as one of the organization’s programs as it gives their clients a place to shop.

“In abusive situations, one of the ways that abusers use power and control is by taking away choices,” Barhorst explains. “So by having a shopping experience, our clients are able to pick out the exact items that they want that can bring them joy and support, instead of us just saying here’s an outfit, hope it fits and works out for you. We’re able to allow them and their kids and families to get items from Upscale Resell that they need to be successful.”

Barhorst says shoppers can find a wide variety of items at Upscale Resale Thrift Shop. The store offers a wide selection of clothing for women, men, and children, including accessories, purses, and jewelry. They also offer a housewares section, books, and electronics.

“We mostly get our donations from the community,” Barhorst explains. “We have at our Upscale Resale Thrift Shop a donation center, so folks can drop off their gently-used items. We have a really dedicated team that goes through those items. If anything comes in that is something that a client needs right away — for example, car seats or a bassinet for a baby — they make sure that those items get directly to a client that is looking for those.”

And Barhorst says those community donations are important as they fulfill two missions of their store. “(By) donating … items, we are able to get (them) out onto the shop floor to not only help our clients, but for the community at large,” she explains. “When they shop, their money gets to go directly into (our) programs and making sure that our programs are successful.”

Upscale Resale Thrift Shop is located at 920 Dallas Drive. For hours and more information, click here or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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