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Saturday, June 12, 2021

Making Unsightly Spaces Beautiful

Concrete work was recently completed for for the installation of a dry river bed. The first shipment of Colorado River Rock was delivered in October of 2019.

This vacated right-of-way was the former site of a City recycling center that became unsightly. Improvements include sidewalks, a dry river bed, and native wildflower beds mixed with native Buffalo grass to ensure beautification year-round. In addition, trees will be planted to serve as a backdrop and provide greenery and screening that will add beauty to the intersection. For passersby, a picnic table will serve to welcome people looking to enjoy the newly improved node.

Future plans may include working with the Public Art Committee to commission a sculpture that would add another element of beautification to the node.

Have you seen another intersection needs a face-lift? Let us know at parksnrec@cityofdenton.com.

Source: City of Denton

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