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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Denton Animal Shelter Saves Biscuit

On Saturday, February 13, a family came into the Denton Animal Shelter heartbroken.

However, the surgery would cost $3,000, and they weren’t able to afford the price.

The Denton Animal Services staff realized they had funds from donations from the Denton Humane Society and offered to pay for the surgery.

The family was so grateful and overjoyed- they fell to their knees crying. They were so surprised and happy that they did not have to say goodbye to their best friend.

Biscuit was transported back to Denton County ER and had the surgery later that day. Animal Services staff followed up with the family the next week and received the excellent news that Biscuit was recovering well from the surgery!

We call the Denton Animal Shelter “the happiest shelter on earth,” and it’s not just because we make sure the animals staying here have a great time. It’s because we care for each animal and family that walks through our doors in need. Thank you, Denton Human Society, for partnering with us and helping this family save their best friend!

Source: City of Denton

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