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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

4 Ways You Can Improve Your Recycling

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Recycling is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. For all Denton residents, items from the blue recycling cart are taken to the Pratt Recycling Facility, located at the City of Denton Landfill, where they are sorted and sold to manufacturers who make them into new products. In fact, from the moment you drop your cardboard or paper into your cart, it is made into a brand new 100-percent recycled cardboard box within two weeks. To ensure your items are correctly recycled, follow the four tips below.

1. Know what to throw

Denton offers green, blue, and brown carts for residents. There are many questions that could arise when you’re trying to find the correct disposal method for your waste. While it may not seem like a big deal, disposing of items incorrectly can have an impact down the line. For example, throwing batteries away can cause fires or explosions. Therefore, it is important to know before you throw. If you aren’t sure about how to dispose of an item, use Waste Wizard on our website at www.dentonrecycles.com

2. Keep it simple

Only recycle items that are accepted in our recycling program. This includes: plastics (bottles, tubs, and jugs) aluminum/steel cans, cartons, cardboard, paper, glass bottles, and jars. Don’t forget to keep them empty, clean, loose, and dry. Recycle only these items to keep recycling contamination out of your cart.

3. It may be recyclable, but not in your curbside cart

Just because an item is labeled as recyclable, does not mean it can be recycled in your blue cart. What do we mean by that? Some common items include plastic bags, batteries, electronics, and textiles can be recycled. However, most of these items must be taken to a drop-off location or a donation center, not placed in your blue cart.

4. Lose the bag

Both plastic bags and bagged recyclables in your blue cart contribute to recycling contamination. Plastic bags can tangle machinery at our recycling facility. Keep them out of your cart. Bagged recyclables are one of the top contaminates that our recycling facility receives. To keep staff safe, bags that are not clear will not be opened. Which means that your empty, clean, and dry recyclables may not be getting processed. Leave your recyclables loose in your blue cart.

To see what can go in your blue cart, watch our short recycling video!

Source: City of Denton


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