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Ensuring Water Safety: Essential Tips for a Safe Summer Season

National Water Safety Month: Protecting Your Loved Ones Around, In, or On the Water

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As summer approaches and swimming season kicks into full gear, it’s crucial to prioritize water safety for your family and home. The alarming fact is that drowning can occur in less than two minutes, even when surrounded by many people. In honor of National Water Safety Month, we are here to provide you with essential pointers to help keep your loved ones safe around, in, or on the water.

  1. Designate a Water Watcher: One of the most critical steps to preventing accidents is always having a designated adult Water Watcher. Drowning incidents often happen silently and swiftly, making constant supervision vital. Choose a responsible adult who will remain focused and ready to assist at a moment’s notice. Denton Natatorium offers Water Watchers for your home if needed.
  2. Wear a Properly Fitting Life Jacket: Whenever participating in water activities, it is essential to wear a properly fitting life jacket. Ensure all buckles are securely latched, and the jacket fits snugly without lifting above the person’s ears. Look for the US Coast Guard-approved label on the inside to ensure its safety compliance. For more information on selecting the right life jacket for your specific activity, visit
  3. Stay Safe in Open Water: If you find yourself in open water, whether on a boat or swimming, always wear a life jacket. Be aware of the water conditions before entering, as drowning rates triple for teenagers over 15 years old in open water environments.
  4. Layers of Protection for Backyard Pools: Implement multiple layers of protection to prevent drowning incidents in your backyard pool. Install four-sided fences at least 4 feet high, equipped with self-latching gates. Consider adding door and window alarms for direct access points to the pool. It’s crucial to educate your family about the dangers associated with pool drains and cleaning equipment. Additionally, learning CPR and enrolling your children in swim lessons can significantly enhance their safety. Don’t forget to develop and practice an emergency action plan.

Always Lifeguard Your Child: The importance of vigilance cannot be stressed enough when it comes to water safety. Never underestimate the risks and always keep a watchful eye on your child, ensuring their safety and well-being.

To further enhance your knowledge of water safety, we encourage you to explore the programs we offer. Visit for more information on how you can make water safety a priority this summer.

By adhering to these essential water safety measures, you can enjoy a summer season filled with joyful moments, knowing that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your loved ones. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and make water safety a top priority this summer season.

Note: This article is based on the press release provided by City of Denton.

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