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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Mountain Bike Trail Cruises Along

Our volunteers are still hard at building a new mountain bike trail system. This will be the very first mountain bike trail in Denton, and they are literally digging it from empty fields, busting roots, and removing tree stumps.

The trail is at Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center, to the west of the Hartlee Field Road parking lot and northwest of the Collins Road Entrance. Trail mapping began last November with staff, lead volunteers, and master naturalists consulting. Once completed, there will be just over 5 miles of trail for riding.

This all began in April 2021 when community volunteers first came out and began marking the future trail. Since this spring, volunteers have logged in an impressive 840 hours of clearing the path, pruning trees, building features, and removing stumps. WOW!

The mountain bike trail would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of volunteers. Each volunteer shift is run by a lead volunteer who is an avid mountain biker and has committed to working on these trails through completion.

If you are interested in helping, visit www.bitly.com/denton-volunteer to view and sign-up for volunteer spots. The mountain bike trail will be accessible from the Hartlee Field Road parking lot. A grand opening is set for Nov. 20, 2021.

Source: City of Denton

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