New Traffic Pattern: Parkway Street at Elm Street and Locust Street

The traffic signals at the intersections of Elm Street at Parkway Street and Locust Street at Parkway Street have been removed. Permanent stop signs are now in place on Parkway Street at Elm Street and Locust Street. The new traffic pattern no longer requires traffic on Elm Street and Locust Street to stop, while cross traffic on Parkway Street will stop and cross once it is safe to do so.

The City currently maintains 124 traffic signals. While several traffic signals are in good condition or scheduled for replacement in the coming years, some signals are very old and no longer necessary. Using the criteria in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), the City’s Traffic Department completed a traffic signal warrant analysis based on recently collected traffic data, to determine if the signals at Parkway Street at Elm and Locust Street were warranted. The analysis results show that the existing signalized intersections were not necessary.

IMG_1881_Edit1.jpg    IMG_1885_Edit.jpg

Final improvements will include the removal of the traffic signal poles at the intersections. Staff will continue to monitor the intersection and motorists are reminded to use caution when traveling in the area as everyone adjusts to the new traffic pattern.

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Source: City of Denton