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Local musicians spread inclusivity through Punks and Painters concert series

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Anyone from teens in denim and chains to adults could be seen headbanging to ¿Everything is Temporary?’s set last weekend in the backroom of Killer’s Tacos. This diverse crowd was gathered for Punks and Painters, a concert series held by local Denton artists.

“This is a safe domain,” said Lauren Eisenkarmer, organizer of Punks and Painters and lead singer of Denton band Plan B. “You’ll walk in here and see people dressed up in all different ways. We’re not here to judge — we’re here to have a good time and learn from everyone.”

Punks and Painters began as a gig at Howling Mutt Brewing Co. in August. After this successful first concert, Punks and Painters continues on the last Thursday each month and features new bands and local art vendors.

James Dolly, organizer of Punks and Painters and lead singer of ¿Everything is Temporary?, said the purpose of Punks and Painters is to give local bands and vendors an opportunity to socialize and network. Dolly said about half of the bands they have booked for Punks and Painters have never booked a show before.

“I’ve always been about giving up and coming bands a platform because unless you get a chance to play shows, [then] no one’s going to know who you are,” Dolly said.

Andrew Reyes, bassist for Plan B and organizer of Punks and Painters, said the series’ focus is on the artists and bands. Bands do not have to be punk but can follow other styles such as psychedelic and grunge. Reyes said the show is not just about punk rock, but a large variety of music genres.

“It’s more the punk attitude of freedom of expression and just being yourself,” Reyes said.

Homewrecker & the Bedwetters opened the Punks and Painters show on Oct. 21. The band got its start in the Music Practice building on campus. Lead singer and guitarist Dominic Baylack, 19, said the band’s music is dedicated to empowering people and fighting against toxic misogyny.

“We’re trying to create an inclusive culture in rock,” Baylack said.

From macaroons to taxidermied insects, Dolly said any art style is welcome.

Denton-based artist Meena Valentin reached out to the Punks and Painters team for a slot as a vendor because she wanted to get her name out in the Denton art scene. Her table showcased prints, ceramics and jewelry. Valentin said her most meaningful work is her earrings.

“I think that wearing [art] is so much more powerful and very personal,” Valentin said. “I’ve always been really connected to jewelry.”

Due to the rising popularity, Punks and Painters shows through May 2022 are fully booked for bands and vendors.

Eisenkarmer said unlike other shows in Denton which can be exclusive, Punks and Painters will continue to create an environment where everyone is included.

“Everyone’s welcome and that’s how it should be,” Eisenkarmer said.

More information about upcoming shows can be found on the Punks and Painters Instagram @punksandpainters and its Facebook Punks & Painters. Bands and artists interested in booking a slot can reach out to punksandpainters@gmail.com or direct message either social media account.

Featured Image: The band ¿Everything Is Temporary? plays during the Punks and Painters event at Killer’s Tacos on Oct. 21, 2021. Photo by John Anderson

Article Originally Published by Adrianna Barrera on North Texas Daily

Source: North Texas Daily

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