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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Golden Boy Coffee Company donates to help fight Australian Bush Fires

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Article Originally Published by Bella Armenta on North Texas Daily

Article Originally Published by on North Texas Daily

One of Denton’s local coffee shops, Golden Boy Coffee Company, recently donated a portion of their proceeds to Australian bushfire relief efforts, following the outbreak of fires throughout Australia.

“We donated 20 percent to the wildfires and it ran all day Wednesday and Thursday,” Golden Boy manager Chase Fox said. “We’ve worked with quite a few different charities and organizations. We do a lot of events with one of the disabilities organization in town. We’re a small coffee shop, we are community oriented and are just trying to give back and do our part.”

The idea to donate proceeds to an organization is not uncommon for Golden Boy Coffee Co., as they have helped hold community events and fundraisers before.

“I love this place, they hold a lot of events for the community, especially for the LGBT community,” UNT alumna Alyssa Cortez, said. “It’s a free, inclusive space and it’s new and different.”

Golden Boy Coffee Co. promoted donations through social media and at their store.

“The proceeds went straight to the fire departments. They have something set up online where you can donate,” Fox said. “We advertised on Instagram and Facebook and had a little plaque by the register.”

Golden Boy Coffee Co. has become a popular spot in Denton due to their presence in the community — bringing together students and Denton residents.

“It’s a new coffee shop that I think has done it right since the beginning,” Denton resident Shay Haas said. “I think it’s great they are donating, they seem to be well ingrained in the community. They do a lot to help in a local sense.”

Fox said that Golden Boy Coffee Co. is a place that has a passion for what they do.

“The two owners, Andy and Trey, are very passionate about coffee and they hired me on to manage and run the bar program here, I wanted to bring that same level of passion,” Fox said. “I feel like we are very detail-oriented when it comes to how the coffee is served, how the cocktails are prepped. There is a lot of care that goes into our drinks.”

The owners of Golden Boy Coffee Co. want to make their mark in the Denton community and have tried to do so through philanthropy and welcoming all to their shops.

“The owners are people who have been here since the beginning and know the business very well, it’s a really nice collaboration of really amazing Denton people who have taken what they’ve seen working and made it great,” Cortez said. “The wildfires are sad, but it’s great that Golden Boy wants to step out of Denton and see that there is more, that other people have problems other than just [in] Denton.”

Featured Image: Golden Boy Coffee Co., began donating a percentage of their sales to the Australian bushfires, located in Denton, Texas. Image by Bertha Smith

Source: North Texas Daily

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