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Denton artist uses watercolor paints to express emotions

Article Originally Published by Maria Lawson on North Texas Daily

Article Originally Published by Maria Lawson on North Texas Daily

A Denton resident uses a fine liner technique when taking on a new piece that complements her modern style of watercolor painting to add depth and touches of realism through ink.

“I create the art I do because it’s therapeutic and a type of meditation and the joy of it,” said Jessica Bermea, UNT alumna and artist, 38. “It’s an extension of myself and my personality.” 

Bermea has been creating impressionist-inspired pieces by using watercolor blooms, dry brush, layering and lifting color to put her creativity into action since she was 16 years old. 

“Art is therapeutic for me and lets me express my thoughts and emotions into creativity,” she said. “Some of my pieces are more femme inspired but florals [and] botanicals are a huge inspiration of most of my recent work.”

Bermea got into drawing and painting during her sophomore year of high school, and she continued to create various works while attending college at North Lake College and UNT. She stopped creating in 2006 to allot more time to becoming a mother and pursuing a full-time career in banking but got back into art three years ago.

When restarting her artistic endeavors, she did so by creating seasonal wood slice ornaments to sell through social media and local holiday markets. In March 2021, she decided to start experimenting with watercolor paints, and since then has sold her prints at the UNT CoLab shop and gallery. 

“I hadn’t made much time for myself or my art until 2021, other than my seasonal wood slice ornaments,” Bermea said.

Bermea’s involvement with the UNT CoLab started with an inquiry from CoLab Director and Denton resident Kristen Kendrick Bigley when the facility administration wanted to start carrying an assortment of her watercolor prints in its retail boutique.

“Her work is a lovely combination of line work with washes of color,” Kendrick Bigley said. “We’ve chosen a couple of her paintings to feature that have a broad appeal with cactus and feathers.”

When creating a piece, Bermea starts with planning for several hours to create a thought-out sketch, then uses tape and other materials on her surface to create a clean-cut piece of work. On the other hand, for more abstract pieces, she uses a free and whimsical approach to get her ideas on paper without sketching or planning.

“[Through my work], I hope that people feel inspired to create something with their own hands and try things they may have been afraid to try before,” Bermea said.

Hailey Eugster, Bermea’s best friend and Sanger resident, said she views Bermea’s work as uplifting and inspiring to others through expressing her inner beauty and creativity. 

“Jessica is an extremely compassionate and caring person,” Eugster said. “I feel like that comes through in her artwork.”

Going forward, Bermea hopes to continue selling seasonal ornaments and prints while also expanding her online presence on social media and online shops such as Etsy and Society6. She also wants to get more involved with the small business market scene in Denton.

“The local markets are lovely and I have done about 10 different ones over the last three years, but only with my wood slice art,” Bermea said. “I want to expand my newfound passion for watercolors into that.”

Those interested in viewing Bermea’s work can do so on her Instagram, @jruthartanddesign.

Courtesy J Ruth Art and Design

Source: North Texas Daily

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