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Thursday, May 26, 2022

All-Walk Crosswalk Pilot Project Launches in Downtown Denton


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On Monday, Nov. 25, a pedestrian-only traffic phase known as an all-walk crosswalk will be implemented at four Downtown Denton intersections. A planned six-month pilot project will test the effectiveness of stopping all vehicular traffic when a walk signal is activated, allowing pedestrians to safely and simultaneously cross an intersection in any direction.

Denton’s first all-walk crosswalks are planned to be in effect through spring 2020 at all four intersections of the Downtown Square: Oak Street and Elm Street; Oak Street and Locust Street; Hickory Street and Locust Street; and Hickory Street and Elm Street. At the pilot’s conclusion, the Denton City Council will consider whether a permanent operational change should be made.

“By adding pedestrian-exclusive traffic phases in the heart of Denton, safety is expected to improve for all modes of transportation,” said City Traffic Engineer Brian Jahn.

All-walk crosswalks, also known as exclusive-pedestrian intersections, are designed to reduce or eliminate collisions between pedestrians and vehicles. When vehicles have a green light, pedestrians will be stopped. When vehicles have a red light and the walk button is pressed, pedestrians are permitted to cross, and vehicles are not allowed to make turns.

The pilot project concept was presented to the Denton Main Street Association, Downtown Economic Development Committee of the Denton Chamber of Commerce, Committee on Persons with Disabilities, and the Denton Mobility Committee. All groups provided input and support for the pilot program.

No-turn-on-red signage will be posted for the duration of the pilot program. Additional signage will be installed to alert pedestrians of the traffic signal operation change. On Nov. 25, City staff will be on site to monitor traffic flow and answer questions.

For more information or to share feedback about the pilot project, visit www.cityofdenton.com/allwalk.

Source: City of Denton

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