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Why Is the Moon So Low (or So High)?

The Moon meets each planet the next two weeks—hovering right along side of it! So this is your chance to easily identify the planets....

The Old, Misunderstood Equinox

Can you balance an egg on the equinox? Are days and nights truly equal? Bob separates autumnal equinox facts from fiction.

Quarter Moon or a Half Moon? Clearing Up Confusion.

When you’re looking at a Moon that’s half-illuminated—like half a pie—why is it named a “Quarter Moon” instead of a “Half Moon”? Seems...

Is Comet Swift-Tuttle On a Collision Course?

One of the year’s best meteor showers—the Perseids—is now underway. It starts with just a few extra shooting stars per hour, and when we...

Comet Neowise: Finally, a Great Comet You Can See!

Finally—a great comet! Comet Neowise has achieved naked-eye visibility for those who live in dark places. Yes, this is definitely doable! Want to get in on...

Jupiter and Saturn at Brightest for the Year in July 2020

July 2020 offers us cool, easy backyard stargazing—no charts or knowledge needed. See Jupiter and Saturn at their brightest and closest for...

How Do Clouds Form?

Normally, our sky explorations involve the Moon and planets. But the practical effects on our lives come from very different sky components—the ones called...

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Friday: So What Is This, Anyway?

On Friday, June 5, the Moon will pass through the edge of Earth’s shadow, resulting in a “penumbral eclipse.’” It’s one of four penumbral...

What Is a New Moon?

For astronomers, a new Moon means no Moon! For many cultures, however, the new Moon carries special meaning. Discover more about the new Moon.

What is Earthshine?

Ever noticed that you can sometimes see the part of the Moon that isn’t lit up?  That’s earthshine!  Historically, this is called “the new Moon in...