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Swimming Skills During Quarantine

Written by: Tyler Smith, Rec Coordinator

I love swim lessons. I believe in them. I choose to have them define my work.

I’ve been in the aquatic industry for 9 years, and I’ve taught or run swim lessons that entire time. It’s so important to me to promote water safety. May was National Water Safety Month, but COVID-19 changed how many people enjoyed the water. As restrictions relax, many people are flocking to open pools, lakes, and ponds to escape the summer heat.

The American Red Cross provides numerous resources for families and individuals looking to stay cool and safe this summer. These resources explore the Circle of Drowning Prevention, adding layers of protection to your pool, and other useful links. Children should also learn water safety so they can make smart decisions.

I recommend Water Safety for Kids for fun activities and videos, including Longfellow’s Whale Tales, provided by the American Red Cross.

Just because the City facilities aren’t open doesn’t mean you can’t continue to work on your swimming skills.

A bathtub can become a personal cauldron for young witches and wizards to conjure bubbles or blow bubbles out of their nose like a roaring dragon. As always, never leave children unsupervised while they enjoy exploring the water.

With a focus on online learning, the American Red Cross has many free classes for parents and guardians, like Water Safety for Parents and Caregivers.

“This online course teaches parents and caregivers about the concepts of the circle of drowning prevention, water competency, and the chain of drowning survival. It also provides guidance for applying water safety to common environments and situations where children are most at risk for drowning.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic affecting summer fun, it’s important to increase vigilance near and around water. The American Red Cross provides multiple resources, from online classes, resources for parents and caregivers, and fun activities for children. There are a myriad of options and resources for caregivers looking for something to do this summer while keeping safety in mind.

Teach your kiddos this summer because I can’t wait to pick back up with swim lessons soon!

Source:Β City of Denton

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