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Student artist lands feature in Union Art Gallery

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Article Originally Published by Kaitlynn Hutchins on North Texas Daily

Article Originally Published by Kaitlynn Hutchins on North Texas Daily

One year ago, psychology junior Olive Gibz would not have expected to see their art featured in the Union Art Gallery, but today, it is reality.

“I have always been interested in art or had dabbled in it, but I was always too scared to get into it,” Gibz said. “It wasn’t until last summer that I started to throw paint on a canvas, and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

Gibz said they started creating art as a way to channel their emotions during the pandemic as it allowed them to express feelings in a way similar to journaling. Some of Gibz’s first pieces are now among the pieces featured in the Union Art Gallery.

“I made those about a year ago, which is so crazy,” Gibz said. “I’ve come so far since then, but at the same time, my art is still so similar.”

Gibz’s art often includes words to express emotion, and coming from a Mexican background, Gibz said they appreciate the incorporation of bright, cheerful colors, but it does not always mean their art is cheerful — it reflects their state of mind.

Valentine Seay, psychology senior and Gibz’s partner, said Gibz has grown as a person and artist in the nine months they have been together. As the two enjoy connecting with nature, Gibz likes to incorporate it in their artwork.

“[Gibz’s] artwork is really spiritual to me and the more you look, the more you’ll uncover,” Seay said. “There’s always a lot to unpack in it.”

Sydney Mays, psychology senior and Gibz’s friend, said Gibz’s art has an ability to make her feel like she is merging into abstract patterns through visually stimulating pieces.

Gibz said their favorite featured painting is called “The Hermit,” which has a blue and white background with half of a face on it. Through their artistic journey, they said their friends and partner have been their biggest supporters.

“My partner is really supportive of my art,” Gibz said. “They always encourage me and tell me how amazing my art is when I get discouraged. I also have friends that buy my art a lot, and I really appreciate it.”

Seay said they strive to instill pride in Gibz and their work while continuing to remind them of their artistic ability.

“[Gibz] gets really into their art and puts a lot into it, and as an artist sometimes you may not get the traction you’d want for a piece of art you worked so hard on,” Seay said.

Mays said since Gibz started creating art, the most notable change has been the growth of their business, but Mays has also seen Gibz become more confident in expressing their passion for art over the six months they have known each other.

Mays said that one of the most noticeable changes in Gibz is the growth of their business, but she said Gibz has also gotten more comfortable in expressing their passion for art.

The exhibit featuring Gibz’ artwork will be in the Union Art Gallery until Sept. 16.

Featured Image: UNT student Olive Gibz poses with their art inside the Union Art Gallery on Sept. 9, 2021. Photo by Jami Hitchcock

Source: North Texas Daily


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