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Denton’s Arts & Jazz Festival Canceled due to COVID-19

The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival, which dates back to April 19, 1980, is a mainstay of the Denton cultural experience. For decades, people have enjoyed free concerts and shopped at various artisanal vendors at the festival in Quakertown Park.  However, the pandemic resulting from coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused the festival to be canceled for 2020.

Liz Seibt, President of the Denton Festival Foundation, is quoted on the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival’s official website as saying,

“After spending almost 2 weeks trying to find suitable dates for rescheduling, our Board of Trustees voted this week to cancel the 2020 event and focus on 2021.

“It was decided to carry all vendor, sponsor and membership fees from 2020 to 2021. We will honor 2020 entries for April 23, 24 and 25, 2021 and vendors will not need to re-apply.  The Board feels this is the fairest way to handle this unprecedented situation.”

In a March 29 post on Twitter, the festival promised a “few surprises from us during the next year.” The teaser gave no indication of what kind of surprises we should expect, though.

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