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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Apply for the City of Denton’s pre-qualified public artist list

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7265 Pre-Qualified Artist List


Fee: $45.00 (7265 Pre-Qualified Artist List)
Entry Deadline: 1/26/20
Number of Applications Allowed:

The City of Denton, Texas and its Public Art Committee seek exceptional, established public artists working in a variety of visual media and artistic approaches for its 2020-2022 Pre-Qualified National Artist List. Selected artists or artist teams from the list may be contracted to design and fabricate artwork for eligible Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and other Public Art projects of various scopes, timelines, and budgets throughout the City of Denton. Certain projects may offer opportunities for an artist to work as part of the sponsor project design team.

Past public art project acquisitions include a range of works that include sculptures, metalwork, murals, paintings, prints, photography, ceramics, fiber, architectural, and glass art.

Source: Art News DFW


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