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Women as Musician-Entrepreneurs Virtual Lecture-Recital: An Exploration of Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, and Teresa Carreño’s Works and Career Ventures


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Hosted by Bolivian-American Concert Pianist and Business Coach, Dr. Fabiana Claure

Sunday, November 15, at 2 p.m. CST

To purchase tickets and learn more visit: www.fabianaclaure.com

Bolivian-American concert pianist and business coach for musicians, Dr. Fabiana Claure, presents the world-wide virtual premiere of a multimedia lecture-recital “Women as Musician-Entrepreneurs: An Exploration of Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, and Teresa Carreño’s Works and Career Ventures” on Nov. 15th, 2020 at 2 p.m. Central Time (CT). The presentation will discuss the fundamental entrepreneurial skills needed to be a successful musician, using examples from three of the most influential and important women musicians of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries: Fanny Mendelssohn, Clara Schumann, and Teresa Carreño.

Through an entrepreneurial lens, the program will explore how Fanny was able to create and run a concert series, create performance opportunities for herself, and publish her compositions; how Clara was able to pursue a 61-year career as a self-managed concert artist and composer; and how Teresa was able to successfully sustain a 54-year international concert career, manage several performing companies, and establish herself as a published composer. Special emphasis will be placed on the context of each woman’s successful, long-term career as pianists and composers while still handling domestic life, raising children, and facing the gender-discrimination barriers of their time.  In addition to a live performance of Fanny, Clara, and Teresa’s piano works and spoken remarks, the program will also include a virtual reception where the audience can engage with Dr. Claure through Q&A.

The goal of the presentation is to highlight how these resilient women were able to overcome incredible obstacles by using entrepreneurial skills to further their careers and provide for their families.  In doing so, they established new benchmarks for women in music. Audiences will experience a journey of reflection, inspiration, and will be prompted to take proactive action. They will learn how to see entrepreneurship as both a mindset and a discipline that can help them create human connection, become empowered, and pursue their own definition of success. By learning from the past, we can better understand the present and create a more successful future. To purchase tickets and learn more visit: www.fabianaclaure.com

Dr. Fabiana Claure helps musicians ignite new income opportunities and expand their impact so that they can live a financially empowered, artistically fulfilled, and family-centered life. As a multifaceted concert pianist, educator, entrepreneur, business coach for musicians, and an administrator, she has a diverse musical career and successful business experience. Her international background – having lived in the US, Bolivia, and Cuba – has allowed her to gain an empowering and global perspective towards music and entrepreneurship education. Fabiana coaches musicians all around the world, through her signature framework, the Musician’s Profit Umbrella™. She is also the Founder and Director of the Music Business and Entrepreneurship program at the University of North Texas, where she is spearheading a major initiative designed to equip young musicians with key music business and entrepreneurship skills to support 21st century artistic careers. In this role, Fabiana has designed a new curriculum and founded several experiential learning programs including the Music Entrepreneurship Competition, the Innovative Music Programming Competition,  a student artist-entrepreneur organization, and an internship program.  As a result of these initiatives, her students have gone on to raise start-up funds, create successful music businesses, win University teaching positions, and gain employment in arts organizations, while in school. Under Fabiana’s leadership, the UNT College of Music earned national recognition being ranked among the Top 15 Music Business Schools for four years in a row (2017-2020) by Billboard magazine.

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