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TWU’s Mural Class Embarks on a Vibrant Mission to Revitalize Campus

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At the intersection of Third Street and Oakland in Denton, a once-overlooked building near Texas Woman’s University (TWU) is about to receive a splash of vibrant colors and artistic creativity. The Visual Arts mural class, led by Professor Giovanni Valderas, is embarking on an ambitious project to transform a large, discolored exterior wall of this building into a captivating mural.

This project, entitled “Your Dream, Your Legacy,” is the second such endeavor by the mural class, following last year’s “Corazón Radical” mural in the student union. The 2023 project poses unique challenges, including the wall’s immense size, environmental factors, the building’s condition, and the ever-present issue of budget constraints.

Senior Rheyna Antoine, a member of the winning design team, highlights the collaborative spirit and creative challenges the group faced. The team, comprising students Diane Cox, Felicity Sanders, Julia Almeida, and Antoine, went through multiple design iterations before arriving at their final concept.

The mural’s theme centers on diversity, attempting to encapsulate the cultural richness of TWU’s community. The design incorporates significant campus landmarks, like Minerva and the admissions building, and a nod to the popular fountain featured on the TW Instagram page.

However, the execution of this vision has not been without its hurdles. The team had to adapt to the physical limitations of the wall and the challenges of working with stucco, a material that absorbs paint and water, complicating the painting process. Additionally, budget limitations required the team to be judicious in their use of colors, often resorting to mixing their own shades.

Despite these challenges, the team is making steady progress. Initially aimed for completion before Thanksgiving, the mural is now expected to be finished in early December. The project has not only been a creative endeavor but also a practical learning experience for the students, offering insights into the complexities of mural painting in a real-world setting.

Professor Valderas expresses pride in his students’ work and hopes that the mural will become a beloved campus landmark. The project exemplifies the intersection of artistic talent, teamwork, and resilience, poised to leave a lasting impact on the TWU campus and its community.

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