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Dance Beyond Boundaries: Texas Woman’s University Presents Groundbreaking Performances

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DENTON, Sept. 6, 2023 – Artistic daring and transformative choreography are set to collide in the upcoming performance of the Texas Woman’s University (TWU) Division of Dance’s 2023-24 season opener. Going far beyond conventional routines, this year’s annual Jordan Fuchs Company Concert dives into the depths of dancer autonomy and the evolution of dance at TWU.

The two-day show, scheduled for September 8th and 9th at 7 p.m. in the Dance Studio Theater, room 208, promises a stimulating blend of live stage performances and screen dances. TWU Dance MFA alumni, BA alumni, and current students join choreographer and performer Jordan Fuchs in this immersive experience. Reflecting on the upcoming event, Fuchs shares, “It’s a reflection of the work I’ve created which emphasizes dancer agency and choice-making in the creative process – a core philosophy we champion here at TWU.”

Among the standout pieces of the concert:

  • Close: An innovative duet by TWU MFA alum Lily Sloan and Fuchs, performed in complete silence, accentuating subtle weight shifts between the dancers.
  • Kairos: A collaboration between Fuchs and TWU MFA alum Melissa Sanderson, paired with Leoncarlo Canlas’s music and Kelsey Oliver’s costume design.
  • Untitled Duet: An experiment in choreography interpretation, with movements generated from over 100 written prompts, featuring TWU MFA alum Annalise Boydston and TWU BA student Esmerelda Ledesma.
  • Quartet with Walls: A screen dance exploring the intersections of place, movement, and senses. It’s directed by Fuchs and features a musical score by Andy Russ.
  • Landscape Without Horizon: A mesmerizing screen dance from 2017 which challenges the perception of gravity and space, a collaboration between Fuchs and Choi.

The concert is not only a celebration of dance but also a testament to Fuchs’ evolving philosophy. Departing from traditional, regimented choreography, Fuchs encourages his dancers to bring their perspectives and expertise into the creation process. This innovative approach is epitomized in the untitled duet where dancers develop choreography based on their interpretation of Fuchs’ prompts.

These philosophies are not only showcased on the stage but are deeply embedded within the TWU dance curriculum. Fuchs elaborates, “It’s almost like encouraging democracy. How can you promote participation and create a decentralized creative space?”

The performances will also reflect the global shift in dance due to the pandemic. “With the pandemic making close contact a challenge, my work shifted to focus on the spatial relationships between dancers,” Fuchs shared, adding that establishing these relationships remains central to his work.

For those eager to witness this melding of dance and philosophy, tickets are priced at $7 and are exclusively available online. Given the anticipated high demand and limited seating, early booking is recommended. Updates and additional information can be found on the official social media channels of Texas Woman’s University Division of Dance.

Event Details:

  • Jordan Fuchs Company Concert
  • Dates: September 8-9, 7 p.m.
  • Location: Dance Studio Theater DGL 208
  • Tickets: $7 general admission (online only). Limited seating.

For further information, please check their social media channels or the official TWU website.

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