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Worried your mail-in ballot still hasn’t arrived? Here’s how to be...

If you're concerned that you haven't received your mail-in ballot, there are ways to be counted by showing up in person. Officials say ballots are still being sent out with less than a week before Election Day.

Texans with disabilities are eligible for mail-in voting, but people must...

Disability rights activists say they’re worried the confusion may deter at-risk Texans from voting or cause them to needlessly put their health at risk to show up in person at the polls despite being eligible for mail-in voting.

Federal appeals court rejects Texas Democrats’ effort to expand voting by...

The Texas Democratic Party had challenged the state's age restrictions on voting by mail, arguing they violated the 26th Amendment's protections against voting restrictions that discriminate based on age.

Here’s how to vote by mail in Texas

Your questions answered about who qualifies, when to expect your ballot and how to make sure your vote counts.

USPS warns Texas that some mail-in ballots may be delayed in...

It is unclear how many Texas voters may be affected should delays occur. Texas was among 46 states that received a warning from the United States Postal Service, according to The Washington Post.

Texas runoff elections show stress of coronavirus pandemic on state’s voting...

Disabled and older voters have encountered the most problems navigating mail-in balloting as they try to avoid going to polling places. In-person voting has been generally smooth so far in the low-turnout runoffs.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s statewide mask mandate exempts voting sites and...

As for the voting exemption in his mask order, Abbott says it was designed to make sure Texans do not lose their right to vote "simply because they don't have a mask."

U.S. Supreme Court won’t fast-track Texas Democrats’ bid to expand mail-in...

The order Thursday leaves in place Texas' more restrictive regulations for the upcoming July 14 runoff. But the case could return to the high court before November's general election.

U.S. Supreme Court declines Texas Democrats’ request to allow all Texans...

The high court declined to immediately reinstate a federal judge's order that would have allowed all Texans to request absentee ballots if they fear catching COVID-19 at crowded polling places.

Texas Democrats ask U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on voting...

The Democrats are asking the Supreme Court to let stand a lower court's sweeping ruling that would allow all Texas voters to qualify for mail ballots.

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