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Small Business Profile- M&B Tiny Shop

Denton Small Business Profile

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In economic development, we see small business owners in Denton hustling to make their businesses into something they can be proud of and share with their families. It’s not just a way to express themselves or provide an income, but a way to contribute to the community they call home. We hope to share some of the fantastic small businesses here and help you get to know the entrepreneurs that make Denton a great place to belong

Today, we invite you to step into the vibrant tapestry of M & B Tiny Shop as part of the Small Business Profile series. This boutique is a minority woman-owned small business where Latino culture and artisanal craftsmanship come alive in gifts, home décor, market bags, and clothing. The items in this cheerful store will appeal to everyone. What sets M & B apart? The goods are almost exclusively handmade by primarily female artists in Mexico, Guatemala, and Denton County. Owner Biridiana includes many of her handmade creations among the items for sale.

Before opening M & B, Biridiana, also known as Biri, was a teacher. Her husband, also an educator, currently teaches at Denton High School. When asked how she came up with the name for her shop, Biri said that when she and her husband, Manny, were dating, their family would say, “Here comes M & B,” and it just stuck. She added, “It just made sense since I am tiny and my shop is tiny, to name it M & B Tiny Shop.” The store is a visible expression of the Ordonez family’s love for their heritage, culture, and hometown. All the items are handmade by Latin artisans. With light floors and walls, M & B’s cheerful products will catch your eye and lift your spirits.

Teaching is in Biri’s DNA; around the shop, you will see evidence of her desire to educate through photos of the artists near the products they have created – sharing where the product was made and the person who designed it. She also provides information about the Mayan symbols woven into the fabrics of blankets, handbags, and odds and ends in the shop.  Teaching others about Latin cultures and the artists who make the products she sells is one of the reasons Biri works so hard to create a positive experience in her boutique. Staying true to her education roots, M & B sponsors scholarships through Denton G.O.A.L. (Guys and Girls Operating As Leaders) and continues volunteering with students where possible. Biri also sells Latino graduation stoles hand woven in Mexico for TWU and UNT students.

Social media is vital to the success of small businesses everywhere, and M & B Tiny Shop is no exception. As a sole proprietor, Biri handles everything for her boutique, from contracting with suppliers to marketing. Embracing the rhythms of the digital age, this year, she started a Tik-Tok account. “I was so uncomfortable about being in the videos at first, but now it’s starting to be fun!” laughed Biri, “We have people coming to our shop from out of town because they watched one of my videos.” One of her Instagram posts caught the attention of the City’s Economic Development staff when she asked if the summer heat was impacting other businesses. Staff met with Biri and connected her with the resources she needed for State and Federal programs that assist with training, adding a paid intern, and business planning. Additionally, staff connected her with prospects on the Square to promote her business during Hispanic Heritage Month, creating cross-promotion opportunities that could extend well beyond the next month.

When asked how she decided on Denton as her business’s location, Biri said, “We love Denton, and Denton loves us. M & B is a representation of our culture. Who we are. To represent the Latin community. We are here to bring a little piece of Mexico and Guatemala. The love that my husband and I have for the one city that brought us together nine years ago. This is home.”

M & B Tiny Shop hosts many events that share the Latino experience. You may have even seen the Viva la Cultura market hosted by the store. This small market celebrates Hispanic Heritage with local Latino vendors. On September 17, from 1 – 5 p.m., the shop will host an extended Viva la Cultura event, celebrating Mexico’s independence from Spain, with live mariachi music, traditional dance performances, and local Latino food vendors.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating M & B Tiny Shop as a member of our Denton community.

M & B Tiny Shop

208 E. McKinney St

Denton, TX 76201 

Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

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Website: Home | M&B Tiny Shop (mbtinyshop.com)

Facebook: @mannyBiri.tinyshop

Instagram: @mbtinyshop.denton

Tik Tok: @Mbtinyshop

Source: City of Denton

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