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SGA prepares for climate strike on Sept. 20

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The Student Government Association will hold a climate strike on Sept. 20 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the library mall that aims to give students an opportunity to vocalize their concerns for climate change.

SGA communications director Noah Hutchinson said the organization decided to hold the Denton Climate Strike after hearing from several students who were interested in doing more to address climate change.

“The climate strike is just a demonstration of what students can do,” Hutchinson said. “Student voices are ever so more powerful in this political climate and just in today’s age. We want to make the message clear that whatever students are passionate about SGA is here to facilitate that conversation. We know that we need to provide a platform for these voices to be heard.”

The strike will feature several guest speakers, including a representative from the city of Denton Office of Sustainability, UNT administrators, SGA President Yolian Ogbu, the We Mean Green Fund and city council member Deb Armintor.

The effects of human-caused climate change are all around us, and it’s young people and students worldwide who are leading the charge to combat its causes and effects,” Armintor said. “I like that this is called a strike because it underscores the urgency of the situation and the necessary changes that are being demanded of us. It’s important that faculty and administrators support this student effort because it’s our students— and for some of us, our children and our children’s generation — who are striking and demanding that we use our power and privilege for good, that we divest from big oil and gas, solar power our university roofs and quit using pesticides and single-use plastics.”

International studies senior Sydney Locorini said she plans to attend the climate strike because she is worried about climate change’s effect on future generations.

I believe joining with others in a public space is an effective way to communicate that this issue matters to us,” Locorini said. “There has been a rise in climate change protests in Europe and I would like to see the same thing happen here. Politicians need to see us.”

More information about the Denton Climate Strike can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

“I would encourage students to see this as the first opportunity for all of us to really come together this year,” Hutchinson said. “I think a lot of students are passionate about it. I’m excited to see a lot of students show up and I’m excited to see passionate students show up.”

Featured Illustration: Austin Banzon

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