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Polly Maynard

Festival Date/Time/Location: Wednesday, April 10 / 8:15PM / Hickory Street Office Gallery (Open Reception)

Polly received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Classical Guitar Performance from The University of North Texas in Denton, where she served as Adjunct Faculty for 10 years.

Polly is a regular performer with area outreach programs, introducing audiences to classical guitar, lute, and other early instruments. These performances are held in schools, senior centers, and special care facilities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. These ‘informances’ are both entertaining and educational, bringing music to individuals who may have little contact with the arts.

Polly has written several one-woman music/theatre performance pieces including “From Here to Vermeer”; “The Reign in Spain: A Brief History of the Guitar from The Big Twang to the Present”; and “Anon! A Miss! : A History of Women in Music from 1400 – the Present”.

Denton, Texas

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