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Papi Chulo

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Festival Date/Time/Location: Friday, April 12 / 9PM / Harvest House

Papi Chulo is a band form out of two friends, Movimiento Jalisco and Movimiento Queretaro, who after many different rock band projects and years of playing in the Dallas scene, decided they wanted to do a different kind of music. Movimiento Jalisco wanted to base it off one of the most popular rhythms in Mexico, Cumbia.

Not too long after, Movimiento Pana would join the band to play congas, bongos, jembe and every other percussion on his bag of treats. He added organic flavor to the tracks worked by Mov. Jalisco and fun lyrics by Mov. Queretaro. A couple of months later, Movimiento Cali joined the band with his drums and he had his partner in crime from a previous band who played guitar, percussions and accordion, Movimiento Cannabis.

That’s h ow Papi Chulo came to be who they are now. Playing together they found the sound that differentiates them from the rest, they found fun, they found out they can still stay loyal to the music they love and enjoy seeing people dance to their music.


  • Winners of the 2019 “Don’t mess with Texas” campaign Song Search by the TxDOT
  • Performed on “Good Day” Fox 4 Channel
  • Their winning song is on iHeart Radio Spanish Stations in the big cities of Texas
  • Their winning video is on Telemundo and Univision promoting “Tira la basura en el bote” (Throw the trash in the can)
  • Opened for the following bands:
    • Celso Piña
    • Hello Seahorse
    • The Chamanas
    • Metalachi
  • Sold out their second annual Festival “Cumbia de Muertos” in November 2018
  • Sold out their “Cumbia del desamor” in February 2019

Dallas, Texas

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