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Originally scheduled to open in the spring, Einstein Bros. Bagels opening delayed until summer

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Article Originally Published by Mason May on North Texas Daily

Article Originally Published by on North Texas Daily

Originally scheduled to open in the spring, UNT Facilities has pushed back the opening of Einstein Bros. Bagels until early summer following issues with construction contracts and design.

“The project is running behind, we’ve run into a number of contractual and design issues, so, at this point, we’re thinking it’s going to be early Summer on completion,” said Dave Reynolds, associate vice president of Facilities.

The new storefront of Einstein Bros. Bagels will be located in the first floor of the CVAD Building and will be one of 24 retail restaurants on campus.

“We’re working with a contractor who hasn’t done work with us or the university before, so there’s a bit of a learning curve for all parties,” Reynolds said.

The firm designing the restaurant will be the same firm completing construction.

“There hasn’t been anything that’s been a show-stopper, but it has been slower-going than planned,” Reynolds said. “And the design has been a little slower than we expected.”

Though there is a delay, Reynolds said there is no need for concern for students waiting for Einstein Bros. Bagels to open.

“It’ll open no matter what, we’re a little disappointed that it’s running late,” Reynolds said. “On the other hand, we just had scores of construction contracts working around the campus. We had over 40 projects going on over the holiday break [so] it has been a busy year.”

Some students are anticipating the arrival of Einstein Bros. Bagels because of its location.

“Being on the outskirts of campus, the placement of this bagel place allows students to grab something quick right before class without having to run halfway across campus to get food,” kinesiology freshman Jacan Farmer said. “And who doesn’t like a good bagel, am I right?”

Students are also excited because it can be hard to grab food between classes. CVAD students voted for the Einstein Bagels addition to CVAD in a survey of potential retail restaurants.

“I’m excited because there’s not a vending machine in [the CVAD Building],” interior design freshman Megan Spooner said.

The restaurant will be ran by Dining Services, like most other campus restaurants, meaning students may use FLEX funds to purchase items.

“We are really excited about the new Einstein Bros. Bagels coming soon to the CVAD Building,” said Alyssa Torrance, dining services communications manager. “We’re partnering with our construction, UNT Facilities and Einstein Bros. Bagels teams to build out the space as soon as possible.”

In the meantime, students continue to wait for the retail shop to open.

“It’ll be exciting to be able to get food quickly without leaving the art building or while I have long labs, I can go grab something to eat,” photography freshman Jack Billingsley said. 

Featured Image: Einstein Bros. Bagels is scheduled to open this summer, according to UNT Facilities. Image by Theophilus Bowie

Source: North Texas Daily


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