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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

On a Wing and A Prayer: Documentary Louisiana’s Disappearing Wetlands

2019 | USA | 9 MIN | Texas Premiere

Thursday, March 26 | 4:30PM | Movie Tavern 3
Friday, March 27 | 9:30PM | Movie Tavern 1

Ben Depp, a landscape photographer, has set out to chronicle the wetlands in a series of high-art aerial photographs that he captures with the help of his 21-foot paragliding wing and 200HP motor driven propeller that he straps to his back. From above he has become acutely aware of the vast network of pipeline canals which are reportedly responsible for up to 30% of the land loss. In this episode we take a trip to the barrier islands where Ben flies his glider and observes the recent restoration that the state has put into rebuilding the land in this area.

Director/Cinematographer: Dominic Gill
Producer: Nadia Gill
Editor: Adam Tiller
Language: English
This film is paired with the Feature Film: Sockeye/Redfish
Website: https://www.lastcallforthebayou.com/

Source: Thin Line

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