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“Men In Black: International” is a fun but underwhelming addition to the series

Article Originally Published by Nick Parkinson on North Texas Daily

Article Originally Published by on North Texas Daily

This film was a fun romp through the unseen world of the Men in Black agencies around the world. The film mainly focuses around new Agent M, played by Tessa Thompson, and how she tracks down the MIB in order to find out more of the secrets of the universe after an encounter with an alien as a small child.

The movie has plenty of crazy aliens, high tech equipment and weapons. The shift to CGI aliens in this film might not have been the best decision, but they still captured some of the original essence of the first couple of films.

The movie is honestly very fun. The action is constantly moving and there are always new things to see. I never thought I would see an alien morph into someone’s facial hair to hide in plain sight. It does a great job at being intuitive with the whole concept of aliens and how they would interact with humans.

“Men in Black International” takes on some more adult themes than the previous films as we get to see more of a criminal alien underworld, with alien drugs and even arms dealers. I appreciate a more adult and mature take from a movie of this genre. I guess Sony saw the success of films like “Deadpool” that took a more raunchy approach which famously did very well.

The sequel is bigger and louder than any MIB movie, yet so many pivotal scenes fail to come together in their entirety. The film both feels long, chaotic and unexplained as it is constantly moving and does not give the proper amount of time for the characters to develop.

This film was meant to be a reboot that potentially had sequels lined up and in the works, but this film sadly did not have enough push to fulfill that desire.

All in all, the film has a lot of flaws, but through it I really enjoyed the ride. Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are a perfect fit for the MIB universe. Maybe it is my bias as a classic MIB fan, but the movie really did capture the imagination of the first couple films and really bring some awesome action. It is not a perfect movie, but it is a fun way of wasting an afternoon. If you are not a MIB fan, I recommend waiting until it is on Netflix though before dropping eight dollars on a movie ticket. ⅗ stars

Featured Image: Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Source: North Texas Daily

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