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Lake Forest Park Introduces Innovative Glow-in-the-Dark Trail

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The Lake Forest Park, known for its serene environment and recreational facilities, has recently undergone significant upgrades, the latest of which is a trail embedded with glow-in-the-dark stones. This innovative addition promises to enhance the nighttime experience for visitors.

In an ambitious project that began in spring 2021, the City embarked on a series of improvements to the park. The initial phase involved the rehabilitation of the dam, including dredging of the lake, rebuilding the dam, and spillway. This phase was successfully completed in July 2023, coming in under budget.

The surplus funds were promptly allocated by the Parks Department to address ADA compliance, safety issues, and maintenance concerns. Among the improvements were the installation of fencing at the spillway, replacement of a 4-foot-wide sidewalk with a more spacious 10-foot-wide one, erosion control near the spillway ramp, and the addition of new benches along the trail.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department collaborated with the Parks and Recreation Department to enhance the lake’s ecosystem. They introduced gravel spawning beds, fish habitats, aerators, and a fountain, promoting a thriving environment for aquatic life.

In August 2023, the trail on the western side of the lake was expanded from 4 feet to 10 feet. This new trail, apart from providing more space for visitors, features additional paths leading to the lake. These paths are embedded with glow-in-the-dark stones from Ambient Glow Technologies, offering a unique nighttime experience. The city is also evaluating the potential of using these stones in other parts of the city.

For those unfamiliar, glow stones, introduced to the concrete industry in 2008 by Ambient Glow Technology – AGT™, are powered by photo-luminescent pigment, specifically Strontium Aluminate. These stones absorb UV spectrum light and release it as ambient light when the charging source is no longer present. They come in various grades, with the high-performance AGT™ Commercial Grade and Ultra Grade offering glow times of over 10 hours.

Safety concerns regarding these glow stones have been addressed. AGT™ Glow Stones are non-toxic, durable for over 20 years, weather-resistant, and versatile in design application.

For more information on the ongoing projects at Lake Forest Park, interested parties can visit the provided YouTube links showcasing the pond rehabilitation project.

Parks Construction Update: Lake Forest Park – YouTube
Parks Construction Update: Lake Forest Dam Rehabilitation – YouTube
Parks Construction Update: Lake Forest Park Dam – YouTube

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