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Jarod Grice


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Friday, March 27 @ 7PM
LSA Burger Co.

Jarod Grice is a performer, singer, and songwriter from Denton, Texas.

He grew up in Southwest Oklahoma and began his musical journey learning to play blues guitar at the age of 15. He soon began singing and writing songs. He has been writing and performing original music since his time at the Cameron University School of Music, where he graduated in 2013. He began his musical career in the indie-rock band, Lancaster, during which time he recorded his first EP, I Want to Make Your Mother (2011) at the Flaming Lips’ ACM recording studio in downtown OKC. After the dissolution of Lancaster, Jarod formed his band, The Company. He has since recorded and produced an EP, Joy in Roaming (2014) and a full length album, Harvest (2018).

​Jarod’s style is a unique blend of folk and americana. His purpose in music is to write songs that are an honest reflection of the human condition, deeply connected to the experiences we all share, yet infused with a stubborn hopefulness throughout.

Jarod is married to his sweet wife, Morgan, and currently lives in the heart of Denton, TX where he teaches music and regularly performs with his band, The Company

Denton, Texas

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