Insert Coin

Thursday, March 26 | 10PM | Movie Tavern 4
Saturday, March 28 | 9:45PM | Movie Tavern 5

2020 | USA | 101 MIN |North Texas Premiere

South by Southwest 2020

The untold story of a small team of geeks working in the back of a Chicago pinball factory accidentally creating the biggest video games of all time. This team launched the last great era of the arcades  before a seismic shift in technology ultimately dooms the industry.

Director/Editor: Joshua Tsui

Executive Producer: Cristina Tsui

Cinematographer: Mateo Shulman

Sound: John Wong

Music: Savant

Principal Cast: Eugene Jarvis, Ernest Cline, Paul W.S. Anderson, George Petro, John Tobias, Andrea Rene, Jeff Gerstmann

Language: English




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