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In The Weeds 06.05.19 Hot Tub Time Machine, Denton Edition


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We discovered some photos taken by Alec Williams in the mid 1980s of the Water Works Spa/hot tub rental company at 537 South Locust Street. Sounds like a great idea in a college town, right? It didn’t last long, in spite of the ferns and potential clientele-it is only found in the 1986 city directory.

On first blush, this type of business seems like it was of a certain time, like disco, polyester and the swinging ’70s. I had visions of mustachioed men with their girlfriends in feathered blond hair pulling up in a Chrysler Cordoba (“fine Corinthian leather”) and Eddie Murphy’s “Celebrity Hot Tub” skit on Saturday Night Live. Turns out there are still many such businesses around the country today providing health benefits to thousands.

Opening Night Hot tub for rent at the Denton Water Works hot tub rental.

Written by Chuck Voellinger, Special Collections Librarian, Emily Fowler Library chuck.voellinger@cityofdenton.com

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