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Early voting can start Oct. 13 as scheduled, Texas Supreme Court rules

The Texas Supreme Court ruled against several GOP officials who pushed to keep early voting to a two-week period during the pandemic.

Analysis: Testing the Texas political waters by breaking the rules

Break the political rules and lose, you're a footnote. But break them and win, and the whole game changes. Michael Bloomberg is the latest candidate to try on the presidential stage.
MJ Hegar is one of a dozen Democratic candidates seeking to unseat U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. John Jordan/The Texas Tribune

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee endorses MJ Hegar in crowded U.S. Senate primary

Hegar, the Air Force helicopter pilot and 2018 congressional candidate, is among 12 Democrats to competing to take on Texas' senior senator, Republican John Cornyn.
Mail in Ballot Form Voting

Texas Democrats ask U.S. Supreme Court to weigh in on voting by mail

The Democrats are asking the Supreme Court to let stand a lower court's sweeping ruling that would allow all Texas voters to qualify for mail ballots.

Texas is on track for record turnout in this election after breaking early voting...

After the conclusion of three weeks of early voting, 9.7 million Texans have cast ballots, crushing previous early voting totals in the state and...

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn’s rivals are unknown even to most Democratic voters, UT/TT Poll...

The Democrats hoping to challenge Cornyn in the 2020 general election face a hurdle, according to the latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune Poll: Their own voters don't know who they are.

Who’s who of Denton’s Nov. 3 city council elections

Elections for seats on Denton’s city council and mayor will be held on Nov. 3 as part of the general election, with over a...
Vote by mail block

Federal appeals court rejects Texas Democrats’ effort to expand voting by mail

The Texas Democratic Party had challenged the state's age restrictions on voting by mail, arguing they violated the 26th Amendment's protections against voting restrictions that discriminate based on age.

John Cornyn, MJ Hegar set for first debate, though Hegar wants two more

Cornyn previously said he's open to debating Hegar more than once, and his campaign said Tuesday it looks "forward to considering other opportunities."
Vote by mail block

Federal appeals court extends block on voting-by-mail expansion in Texas

The appellate panel extended a temporary order it had issued earlier halting a federal judge's order expanding voting by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

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