Feels Good Man

Friday, March 27 | 9:45PM | Movie Tavern 4
Saturday, March 28 | 4:30PM | Movie Tavern 4

2020 | USA | 93 MIN | North Texas Premiere

In 2016, after a nasty election cycle exposed a cultural rift, many Americans were left asking, “what the hell just happened?” For underground cartoonist Matt Furie, the question was more surreal: his character Pepe the Frog had become a political pawn — tweeted by Donald Trump, condemned by Hillary Clinton, and declared a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League. Feels Good Man looks at how Pepe’s transformation—from stoner cartoon frog in 2007, to extremist icon in 2016—runs parallel to America’s own transformation into a more divisive, mean-spirited, and tribalist place. It’s a Frankenstein monster story of an artist battling to regain control of his mutated creation.   

Sundance 2020 – Emerging Filmmaker Award, Arthur Jones

South by Southwest 2020                         

Director: Arthur Jones  

Executive Producers: Wavelength Productions: Jenifer Westphal, Joe Plummer, Chicago Media Project: Steve Cohen, Paula Froele

Producers: Giorgio Angelini, Caryn Capotosto, Aaron Wickenden

Screenwriters: Giorgio Angelini, Arthur Jones, Aaron Wickenden

Cinematographers: Giorgio Angelini, Christian Bruno, Kurt Keppeler, Guy Mossman        

Editors: Aaron Wickenden ACE, Katrina Taylor, Drew Blatman

Sound Designer: Lawerence Everson

Music: Ari Balouzian, Ryan Hope

Principal Cast: Matt Furie, Johnny Ryan, Lisa Hanawalt, Emily Heller, Chris Sullivan, Aiyana Udesen, Dale Beran, John Michael Greer, Adam Serwer, Aaron Sankin

Language: English

Website: https://www.feelsgoodmanfilm.com/

Source: Thin Line