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Denton Residents Called Upon to Shape City’s Pedestrian and Cyclist Infrastructure

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The City of Denton is seeking the active participation of its residents in a comprehensive Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Audit. The city administration has extended an invitation to every resident to share their experiences, concerns, and suggestions regarding pedestrian and cyclist safety in the bustling city.

The initiative is part of a concerted effort to make Denton’s streets safer and more accessible for non-motorists, with the aim of incorporating citizen feedback directly into the city’s planning and decision-making processes.

The safety audit provides an avenue for residents to express their thoughts and ideas on how to improve the current conditions for pedestrians and cyclists. It seeks to gather diverse perspectives from frequent cyclists, daily walkers, and even those simply passionate about community well-being.

Residents have until Wednesday, June 28, 2023, to participate in the survey. The administration has emphasized that all responses will remain confidential and solely be used to improve pedestrian and cyclist safety in Denton. The survey is available in both English and Spanish.

In a bid to gather as many responses as possible, city officials are urging Denton residents to spread the word about the survey. They believe that wide-reaching community engagement can have a significant impact and will provide the most holistic view of the diverse needs and perspectives within the community.

As part of a growing trend, cities across the nation are paying increased attention to the needs of pedestrians and cyclists. This move by the City of Denton is a significant step in this direction, signaling a commitment to building a more inclusive and accessible city for all residents.

Residents can participate in the Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety Audit by visiting the following:

To take the survey in English, click here.

Preguntas de la encuesta en español.

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