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Denton Municipal Electric Plans for New Campus Expansion

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DENTON – In a unanimous decision on Tuesday, Aug. 15, the Denton City Council approved the concept for a campus expansion for Denton Municipal Electric (DME). The expansion aims to accommodate the growing needs of the city’s 100% renewable public power provider.

The proposed expansion is still in its early stages, but it is anticipated to be constructed at DME’s existing Spencer Road location. The design will emphasize sustainability, with plans to preserve a significant portion of the trees and natural landscape on the site.

Tony Puente, General Manager of DME, expressed enthusiasm about the project. “This project provides the opportunity to incorporate a lot of unique sustainable features into the design,” he said. “We are very proud of how well we perform now, and this would be a positive next step for enhanced service delivery for the Denton community.”

The expansion is not just about aesthetics and sustainability. With Denton being one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, the new campus will position DME and the City of Denton for future growth. The relocation of staff to the new space is expected to streamline operations, reduce collaboration and coordination time, and provide ample space for vehicle and equipment storage. Additionally, the new campus will house Customer Service operations in a location that is easily accessible to customers.

Currently, DME’s facilities are stretched thin. They are projected to exceed their capacity by 110% within the next five years. The staff is dispersed across four different buildings, and there is a pressing need for more space for equipment, supply storage, and lineman training.

The new campus will also address security concerns, offering enhanced security measures. It will provide the much-needed space for supplies and equipment, ensuring DME’s continued reliability in power provision and readiness for Denton’s anticipated growth.

In terms of infrastructure, the current plan entails the removal of three out of the four existing buildings on the site. The remaining building, the Engineering and Operations building erected in 2012, will be repurposed to cater to other departmental needs.

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