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Denton Joins the Brew City, Texas Program to Boost Craft Beer Tourism

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Denton, Texas has officially joined the Brew City, Texas program, a new initiative by the Texas Craft Brewers Guild aimed at promoting craft beer tourism and economic growth in local communities. This announcement was made on April 17, 2024, underscoring the city’s commitment to enhancing its vibrant local craft beer scene.

Assistant City Manager Christine Taylor expressed excitement about the city’s participation, noting that Denton is already recognized for its exceptional craft beverages and welcoming atmospheres. “This opportunity not only celebrates the unique flavors and experiences that make us north of ordinary but also boosts community pride,” Taylor said.

Craft beer is a significant economic contributor in Texas, bringing in $4.5 billion annually and supporting over 30,000 jobs. However, despite having more than 400 breweries, Texas ranks 47th in breweries per capita, indicating considerable potential for growth in the industry.

Caroline Wallace, Executive Director of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, highlighted the program’s importance. “The Brew City, Texas program represents a significant milestone in our efforts to support and elevate the craft brewing industry in Texas,” she said. “By collaborating with cities like Denton, we aim to drive tourism, stimulate local economies, and further establish Texas as a world-class beer destination.”

Denton’s involvement in the Brew City, Texas program includes collaborative marketing, education, and outreach efforts aimed at showcasing the best of Texas craft beer. The city hopes to continue raising the bar for craft beer excellence and to attract more visitors eager to explore its local offerings.

For more information on the Brew City, Texas program and other participating cities, interested parties can visit the Texas Craft Brewers Guild website. To discover the breweries in Denton, visitors can check out the Discover Denton’s Breweries, Distilleries, and Wineries page.

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