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Denton City Council Highlights Ambitious Budget and Strategic Goals for Next Year Without Raising Tax Rate

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DENTON, TX – The Denton City Council, in its annual budget meeting on August 5, 2023, showcased an extensive roadmap for the next fiscal year (October 2023 to September 2024) centered on its strategic priorities and financial planning. A budget proposal of $1.95 billion, covering a slew of essential projects and service enhancements, was brought to the fore with a notable highlight — there is no expected increase in the current tax rate.

A glance at the Council’s discussions showed that the majority of the 23 strategic priorities have seen significant advancement in the past year. The City has successfully executed 23 of its 119 ongoing strategic ventures and is over halfway, at 52%, towards achieving all of its strategic initiatives. For those keen on the intricate progress of these endeavors, an online portal offers comprehensive details.

Aimee Kaslik, Chief Strategic Officer, reflected on the essence of these plans, stating, “Denton’s strategic blueprint not only provides a clear direction for the City but also places an emphasis on addressing present community requirements and forecasting future needs, all while maintaining organizational accountability.”

The proposed budget is expansive in its coverage. It seeks to fund pivotal infrastructure tasks, such as enhancing Denton’s water and wastewater plants, overhauling streets, and revitalizing playgrounds. The blueprint also caters to the growth trajectory of the community by allocating funds for:

  • Boosting public safety by inducting three police officers and six firefighters, amounting to $950,344.
  • Revitalizing the downtown area with the Ambassador Pilot Program, earmarked at $531,227.
  • Augmenting community engagement with six Customer Service Personnel dedicated to Customer Relationship Management, budgeted at $429,197.
  • Recognizing employee contributions with Merit Increases, tagged at $1,106,625.

City Manager Sara Hensley emphasized the City’s commitment to attracting top-tier talent. “Ensuring competitive pay scales is integral. We aspire to be the region’s employer of choice and bring onboard individuals who can elevate our community’s living and working experience,” she said.

Despite the comprehensive list of enhancements, the proposed budget maintains the current tax rate of $.560682 per $100 valuation. Additionally, the City is not planning any rate adjustments for water, electricity, and solid waste and recycling services. However, an 11% hike in wastewater rates, averaging an additional $3.50 monthly, is being proposed due to impending infrastructural projects. The Council is set to deliberate on various utility rate structures in subsequent sessions.

For residents interested in diving deep into the budget, tax rate, and utility rates, everything will be made available officially in September. Until then, a preliminary look can be accessed at www.cityofdenton.com/budget.

The overarching aim of the City Council’s Key Focus Areas is to uplift and enhance aspects of organizational excellence, infrastructure, economic opportunities, community life quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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