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Saturday, May 21, 2022

New Audit Released – Wastewater System Operations: Reclamation


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Internal Audit has released a new report covering the adequacy of the City’s water reclamation processes, including evaluating if wastewater rates equitably reflect system impact, pretreatment device program monitoring requirements are complied with, reclamation infrastructure is effectively planned and maintained, and effluent discharge quality is reported in compliance with State regulations..

The City of Denton’s wastewater rate structure is generally designed to equitably allocate reclamation costs. However, the rate structure has not been fully implemented. Water Utilities is in the process of completing long-term water reclamation infrastructure plans and has developed an effective short-term forecasting methodology. A preventative maintenance program for reclamation assets has been established; however, work order documentation could be improved. Finally, Environmental Services has established effective processes to monitor compliance with pretreatment regulations and report on effluent discharge quality.

Additional details can be found in the full Audit of Wastewater System Operations: Reclamation (PDF) report.

Source: City of Denton

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