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City of Denton Allocates $1.295 Million for Local Homelessness Efforts

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DENTON, TX – In a robust move to combat homelessness, the City of Denton has sanctioned a payment of $1.295 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to Our Daily Bread, the esteemed operator of the Denton Community Shelter.

This substantial monetary assistance is a testament to the City’s relentless drive to uplift those less fortunate. The aim is to create a sustainable environment for those grappling with homelessness, providing them with comprehensive services, and ensuring they are on a trajectory to permanent housing.

Mayor Gerard Hudspeth emphasized the importance of this endeavor, stating, “The allocation of nearly $1.3 million to Our Daily Bread symbolizes our undying resolve to confront homelessness head-on. The Denton Community Shelter stands as a beacon of hope for many, and this fund will bolster its operational strength.”

Our Daily Bread will employ this grant to amplify its core operations and management services, thus ensuring the Denton Community Shelter remains a pivotal haven for the city’s most vulnerable populace. What sets this shelter apart is its distinctive approach; people facing homelessness can find refuge without parting from their beloved pets, partners, or personal belongings.

Wendy McGee, Executive Director of Our Daily Bread, spoke on the enduring partnership with the city, remarking, “For the past five years, Our Daily Bread has been working hand in hand with the City of Denton to make a tangible difference in the lives of those battling homelessness. This grant will further propel our mission.”

It’s worth noting that this allocation complements other financial aids provided to Our Daily Bread by the city, underscoring a collective intent to ensure no stone remains unturned in the fight against homelessness.

A Spotlight on Our Daily Bread:
Operating as Denton County’s sole 24/7 low-barrier emergency shelter, Our Daily Bread has made considerable strides in its offerings. From delivering more than 625 nutritious meals daily, affording overnight refuge for up to 200 individuals, to transitional housing for 32 and consistently providing 300 supportive services each day – the organization has been relentless in its pursuit to redefine the lives of those in despair.

The Bigger Picture:
The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has been pivotal in offering fiscal reprieve to governments at various levels, post the pandemic onslaught. Denton’s slice of this national fund stood at a commendable $23.29 million. A majority of this fund, approximating $11.65 million, was already at the city’s disposal since May 2021, and its judicious allocation underscores the City Council’s foresight and commitment to its people.

The recent sanctioning of $1,295,000 for Our Daily Bread is an indication of the city’s unyielding dedication to curtail homelessness and stands as a testament to the resilience and compassion of the community at large.

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