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Cracks along BLB walls and columns not a concern, according to UNT Facilities

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The recently constructed Business Leadership Building (BLB) has shown visible cracking along its walls and columns. The building’s most detectable crack can be found on a masonry wall near the entrance of the ground floor, reaching up about two feet.

Students who regularly visit the BLB have taken notice and believe that it could be a concern that needs to be looked into by the school.

“It’s a super new building,” finance senior Joshua Sulak said. “So if it does have actual foundation issues, it’s something that should be taken a look at if they haven’t already.”

Entrepreneurship senior Walker Schrumpf mentioned the construction of the Allen High School football stadium, in which cracks seen inside were later discovered to be significant structural damages.

“It was like $60 million dollars,” Schrumpf said. “And then in the next year after it was built, they had to close it down. So just because the building’s new doesn’t mean it can’t have issues.”

Workers from UNT Facilities have conducted several inspections to ensure that there are not any major concerns or possible foundation issues that need immediate attention.

Director of Facilities Maintenance Chad Crocker said that the cracks in the building are not a problem.

“Every building, especially in Texas, settles,” Crocker said. “Just in the BLB, you happen to notice it in the masonry more than you would in other buildings. So while I would tell you it’s a horrible thing and it’s horrendous, it really isn’t. It’s fairly normal.”

The cracks that are seen in or around the BLB are caused by either moisture or warmer weather, Crocker said. The materials in the walls expand and then shrink when weather changes and these movements cause cracks to form.

Repairs for the cracking has been done incrementally over the past few months and will continue depending on other construction projects around the building.

The department is currently keeping an eye out for further cracking that could indicate any serious problems now or in the future.

“We try to stay on top of it,” Crocker said. “If anyone notices anything we need to know about on campus, BLB or otherwise, they can always call us or go to our facilities’ webpage and put in a work order to let us know.”

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Featured Image: A crack climbs the wall of the Business Leadership Building showing evidence of potential movement in the building’s foundation. Image by Will Baldwin

Article Originally Published by on North Texas Daily

Source: North Texas Daily

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