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Come In For a Spell – Bewitched Denton

Bewitched Denton ‘enchants and delights’ with witchy finds while helping support local nonprofits and artisans.

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According to Fara Francis-Eusea, co-owner of Bewitched Denton with her wife, Kasey, the definition of “bewitched” is to enchant and delight.

“That’s really the motivation behind naming it Bewitched Denton because we wanted to enchant and delight,” she says. “We really want people when they walk in to just be like, wow, it’s beautiful (in here).”

Bewitched Denton uses its spellbinding lure to offer a vast array of witchy wares and provide an all-inclusive space for the community that also offers support to various local nonprofits in the area.

A Modern Metaphysical Shop

Fara Francis-Eusea & Kasey
Bewitched Denton – Credit: Mandy Bennett

Kasey explains Bewitched Denton is a modern metaphysical witchy crystal shop. “We feature high-grade crystals and books from tarot to spellology, witchy, occult, and high ceremonial magic,” she adds.

The couple opened the store’s first location in April 2021 in a 250-square-foot space shared with Laser Loft. The store quickly outgrew this space, and Bewitched Denton moved to its current home at 529 Bryant Street at the end of October 2021.

“It’s been a dream of mine for most of my adult life to own a crystal shop,” Kasey says. “I thought it was a pipe dream until it actually came to fruition in 2021.”‘

“We saw a need in Denton for a true eclectic, metaphysical shop for witchy wares and premium stones,” Fara adds. “Almost every day someone comes in and they’re like, I didn’t know this was here, Denton has needed this, I’m so excited to see this kind of shop in Denton.” 

Focus On Crystals

One of the main focuses of Bewitched Denton is on crystals. But not just any crystals — Fara and Kasey focus on working mainly with family mines that ethically source their crystals and treat their employees well.

Bewitched Denton Crystals
Bewitched Denton – Credit: Mandy Bennett

“We travel to Denver and Tucson every year (and) we meet the miners,” Kasey explains. “We try to use as many family-owned mines as possible in and around the states, as well as Brazil and Madagascar. So we actually go and meet the miners to make sure that they’re ethically treating their employees.”

In addition to caring about where the crystals come from, Bewitched Denton’s owners also strive to bring in crystals that are hard to find anywhere else.

“We have stones for advanced crystal collectors that come in and they’re like wow, I’ve never seen this crystal at another shop,” Fara says. “Kasey loves to bring in really rare and beautiful pieces.”

In addition to crystals and books, Fara says they feature a wide selection of items from local artists as well. “You’ll find anything from candles to ritual oils, handmade jewelry, handmade tarot pouches, spell jar necklaces, gorgeous concrete glitter creations, locally made stickers, (and) plant clippings for those green witches out there,” she details. “We also have other traditional items like incense, greeting cards, organic herbs, altar tools, (and) T-shirts.”

Classes & Readings

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In addition to the items it has for sale, Bewitched Denton offers a full calendar of both ongoing and special events.

On most days, visitors to the shop can walk in and have a tarot or psychic reading performed. And Bewitched Denton also teaches various classes on the first and third Mondays and Fridays of each month at Golden Boy Coffee & Cocktails on North Elm Street in Denton.

Bewitched Denton Tarot
Bewitched Denton – Credit: Mandy Bennett

Fara says the classes range from deep diving into tarot cards to demystifying karma. “We’re looking to bring on an astrology teacher and possible Reiki,” she adds.

Bewitched Denton is also partnering with the Denton Public Library to offer free classes for the community. “We were so excited when they reached out and asked us to have workshops,” Fara says. “We just had our first tarot 101 workshop and crystals. And then in the spring, we’re going to be doing tarot, Reiki, crystals, and astrology.”

And Fara and Kasey say they are excited to once again help sponsor the upcoming Every Witch Way Denton Market on Saturday, October 22nd from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm on West Pecan and North Cedar Streets off Denton Square.

“It is truly a celebration and collaboration of small businesses and artists from all paths,” Fara explains. “We’re just so excited to see this community really come together and lift each other up. There are Christians and pagans and all walks of life at these markets. It’s important to give them that space to feel comfortable.”

Fara suggests keeping an eye on their online calendar for events and readings, as well as their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Supporting the Community

Bewitched Denton also does quite a bit to help support nonprofits in and around Denton.

Mystery Price Machine
Bewitched Denton – Credit: Mandy Bennett

For example, the co-owners say the shop’s Mystery Prize Machine is the most popular attraction in their store. For $1, anyone visiting the store can purchase a token to try to win a number of prizes ranging from tumbled stones to necklaces to stickers, and even a grand prize.

“Every month we have a grand prize — sometimes it’s a Herkimer diamond or just a special crystal that we pick out for the community,” Kasey says.

All the proceeds raised by the Mystery Prize Machine go to a local charity. Each month, the owners select a nonprofit — past recipients include OUTeach Denton, Parents of UU Preschoolers, Denton Bail Fund, and the Denton Animal Support Foundation.

Tiny Denton Libraries and Pantries are also supported through Bewitched Denton’s “bring your own bag” program. For every paper bag they save, the store donates 5 cents to the organization.

Kasey says the store donates between $300 to $400 per month to local nonprofits. “It’s just so rewarding to us to be able to do this for our community,” she continues. “We never opened Bewitched (Denton) to get rich and make a lot of money— that was never the motivation for us. It was how can we incorporate our community in this shop to make sure it’s always a give and take.”

Bewitched Denton is located at 529 Bryant St. in Denton. For store hours, event calendar, and more information, visit bewitcheddenton.com or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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