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From the February 2nd, “Friday Staff Reports to City Council” Government

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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly updates between staff and Council, highlighting key initiatives and addressing concerns raised by council members and the community. Topics for the upcoming Feb. 6 Council Work Session include discussing a potential Community Benefits Ordinance for faster developer approvals, highlighted by Carlotta Cowan. Other updates include the successful controlled burn in North Lakes Park, the release of the City Auditor’s Fiscal Year 2023-24 First Quarter Report, and the unveiling of the Denton Enterprise Airport’s performance scorecard to boost transparency. Additionally, the Solid Waste and Recycling Department is piloting an electric truck for refuse collection, explored by Brian Boerner. Council Member inquiries touched upon traffic concerns on Parvin Street, with recommendations for improvements, a proposal for a Community Benefits Ordinance by Council Member Meltzer, and updates on construction and quiet zone projects. Mayor Hudspeth requested information on multifamily developments, with Tina Firgens providing an overview of units in review and under construction, reflecting Denton’s growing housing landscape.

General Information

Council Work Session Topics – The Feb. 6 Council Work Session will discuss the potential for an opt-in Community Benefits Ordinance aimed at expediting approval processes for developers with Community Benefits Agreements, as highlighted by Carlotta Cowan from the City Manager’s Office.

Controlled Burn Success – A strategic burn was conducted on Jan. 31 by the Fire and Parks and Recreation Department in a 22-acre section of North Lakes Park, successfully burning approximately 75% of the area with no injuries or complaints, facilitated by collaborations with multiple departments and agencies. Staff contacts are Russell Koch and David Boots.

City Auditor’s Office Quarterly Report – The City Auditor’s Office has released its Fiscal Year 2023-24 First Quarter Report, updating on the Annual Internal Audit Plan and featuring the Auditing Standards Continuing Professional Education Compliance Report, available on the Internal Audit Website along with the previous Fiscal Year’s Fourth Quarter Report. Madison Rorschach is the staff contact.

Performance Scorecards Release – Strategic Services has launched the Denton Enterprise Airport’s performance scorecard as part of an initiative to enhance transparency and inform the community about departmental work, showing the Airport’s contributions to safety and the local economy among the top 10 busiest airports in Texas. Aimée Kaslik is the staff contact for this initiative.

Monthly Mobility Report – A report from Innovative Transportation Solutions provides insights into major regional TxDOT projects, offering an overview of significant transportation initiatives. Trevor Crain is listed as the staff contact for this report.

Electric Truck Pilot in Solid Waste and Recycling – The Solid Waste and Recycling Department is testing the viability of an electric truck by Peterbilt, designed for residential refuse collection, to potentially expand its fleet with more electric vehicles. Brian Boerner is the staff contact monitoring this pilot’s performance and assessing its efficiency.

Council Member Requests

Parvin Street Traffic Concerns – Following a resident’s complaint about speeding near Azalea and Parvin Street, staff evaluated traffic flow and identified issues including work zone closures, absence of sidewalks, and lack of ADA compliance. Recommendations include adding sidewalks, enhancing ADA compliance, and improving road striping and signage, with efforts underway for implementation.

Community Benefits Ordinance Proposal – Council Member Meltzer proposed discussing a Community Benefits Ordinance for a faster approval process for developers, with additional background information provided to supplement an earlier report.

Bell/Mingo Intersection Update – In response to Council Member Byrd’s inquiry, the current construction at Bell/Mingo is conducted by Atmos Energy, unrelated to the 2023 Bond improvements planned to begin design in Q2 of 2024.

Railroad Quiet Zones – The city is advancing two Quiet Zone Projects: the Downtown Union Pacific Railroad Quiet Zone, expected to complete construction by Q3 2025, and the Mingo-Ruddell Quiet Zone, with construction completion aimed for Q4 2027.

Jannie Street Construction Timeline – Addressing an inquiry from Council Member Byrd, the Oakland Drainage / Neighborhood 5B Project, including Jannie Street, is in design phase with construction starting in Q1 of 2025 as part of the 2019 Bond Program.

Other VOD Stories

Graffiti Removal at Lake Forest Park – Mayor Hudspeth’s report of vandalism at Lake Forest Park led to the discovery and cleanup of graffiti on 40 rocks along the trail by Parks and Recreation staff, led by Russell Koch.

Multifamily Developments in Denton – At Mayor Hudspeth’s request, a list was compiled showing 2,236 units in review and 4,314 units under construction, reflecting the city’s growing multifamily development landscape. Tina Firgens from Development Services provided this update.

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