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From the December 22nd, “Friday Staff Reports to City Council”

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From the June 7th, “Friday Staff Reports to City Council” Government

The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly...

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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly...

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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly...

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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly...

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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly...

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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly...
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The Friday Staff Report to City Council provides weekly updates between staff and Council, including the upcoming city office closure for the holidays and the suspension of the December 29 report. It discusses the administrative actions against CUA Pools for code violations, the presentation of a mobility report by Innovative Transportation Solutions, and the launch of the Active Development Map for tracking new projects. The report also mentions the recognition of Denton 360° program participants and the city’s receipt of the APWA Drainage Award. Regarding Council Member Requests, it covers a range of issues: addressing a resident’s concerns about a nearby encampment, reaffirming the necessity of liability waivers for city facility rentals, clarifying the zoning policy for the McClendon Property, managing water runoff issues at Park 7, evaluating the status of unbuildable infill lots in Denton, and planning safety improvements for the Hobson Lane Pedestrian Bridge.

General Information

City Office Closure and Staff Report Update
City offices will be closed from December 25-26 for the holidays, leading to the cancellation of the December 29 Friday Staff Report by the City Manager’s Office. Regular distribution will resume on January 5.

CUA Pools Administrative Appeals
CUA Pools, located at 2717 N. Elm Street, faced administrative appeals due to complaints and a chlorine gas leak on October 7. Inspections revealed unauthorized bleach production equipment and muriatic acid storage, violating Denton Development and Fire Codes. The owner must stop bleach production and adhere to revised chemical storage limits. On December 14 and 18, the Health and Building Standards Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment, respectively, upheld these restrictions, allowing only the operation of the pool company office with accessory storage.

Monthly Mobility Report
The Innovative Transportation Solutions (ITS) presented a monthly mobility report, detailing major regional projects by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Active Development Map Launch
The Active Development Map, showcasing new and upcoming developments, has been launched and will be updated monthly. Future mapping projects on historic preservation, transportation data, and development trends will be shared in subsequent updates.

Denton 360° Program Recognition
During the December 5 City Council meeting, Mayor Hudsepth recognized the Fall 2023 Denton 360° program participants. This program, aimed at Denton residents and business owners, provides insight into local government operations. Information on the next class will be available in summer 2024.

APWA Drainage Award for Denton
The Texas chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) awarded the City of Denton Drainage Division the In-House Project of the Year for their work on a concrete flume near King’s Row. The project, addressing erosion and water issues, will be recognized at the Texas-APWA Workshop and featured in their magazine. It is also being considered for national APWA awards.

Council Member Requests

Encampment Concerns Near Bray Village Drive
A resident reported an encampment adjacent to their property on Bray Village Drive on December 13. The Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) hasn’t located individuals during outreach. The Police Department encourages residents to report encampment concerns via the non-emergency number. The property owner is coordinating with HOT for a site visit.

Liability Waiver for City Facility Rentals
Following a request for indemnity policy revision by a local organization, the City reaffirms the importance of indemnification clauses in facility rental agreements. These clauses protect taxpayers from risks associated with facility use. Renters conflicting with the City’s indemnification language can purchase a local insurance rider. The policy was reviewed by the City’s Risk Manager and City Attorney in 2022.

McClendon Property Re-Zoning
Addressing a citizen’s concern, the non-conforming use policy in the Denton Development Code allows for continued use and change if the new use is less intensive. If retail use on the property ceases for more than a year, a Special Use Permit (SUP) would be required for re-establishment.

Park 7 Water Issue
Council Member Meltzer raised concerns about water runoff from Park 7. The runoff, including groundwater from sump pumps and landscaping, is allowable under the stormwater permit. A new storm drain will be added in an upcoming project. Adjustments to irrigation are being made to reduce runoff.

Infill Lots in Denton
Council Member Meltzer inquired about unbuildable infill lots in Denton. The speculation of numerous unbuildable lots is inaccurate, with only a small number being problematic. Code amendments are planned to encourage infill development.

Other VOD Stories

Handrails on Hobson Lane Pedestrian Bridge
Following vehicle-related damage, concerns were raised about the handrail width on Hobson Lane Pedestrian Bridge. A narrow section where old and new handrails meet will be relocated for improved safety.

Upcoming Community Events

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Upcoming Street Closures

Street/IntersectionFromToClosure Start DateClosure End DateDescription
Brook Lake (5900) Trailside DrAt Intersection01/22/2402/16/24ADA Sidewalk Repair
Chittamwood CtDesert Willow Cul V Sac01/02/2402/02/24Concrete Panel and Sidewalk Repair
Seven Oaks LnSwan Park DrHarvest Moon Trl01/15/2402/23/24Concrete Sidewalk Repair
Spring Valley DrTwilight DrMorningside Dr01/08/2402/16/24Concrete Curb and Gutter Repair
Willowwood StBernard StJacqueline Dr12/27/2301/31/24Utility installations and pavement replacement.
Wind River LnUnion Lake BlvdComo Lake Rd01/15/2402/02/24Concrete Sidewalk Repair

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