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City of Denton To Open 24-Hour Warming Station at Denton Civic Center


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Emergency Station Supplement Existing Stations and Shelters

DENTON, TX, Feb. 13, 2021 – Beginning at noon on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2021, the Denton Civic Center will open as an emergency 24-hour a day warming station, supplementing other daytime warming stations and overnight shelters available within the City (see attached flyer). The Civic Center warming station will be operated by the City of Denton and is available to any person in need of protection from the hazardous weather currently being forecast.

The decision by the City of Denton to open an emergency 24-hour warming station at the Civic Center was based on a number of unprecedented factors, specifically the Feb. 12 statewide disaster declaration by Governor Greg Abbott for severe winter weather, and a forecast that includes a combination of the following over the next four to five days:

  • Six inches or more of wintry precipitation;
  • The potential for record low temperatures; AND
  • A wind chill factor expected to be below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

The Civic Center warming station will be available to anyone needing refuge from the weather including stranded motorists, residents that have lost critical services in their homes, or persons experiencing homelessness.

The Civic Center warming station will have restrooms and seating available, as well as paramedics in the event an emergency or non-emergency medical need arises. Water, snack-type food, and basic sanitary items will be available. COVID-19 precautions will be in place, with hand sanitizer and face coverings provided for use. As a 24-hour warming station, the Civic Center will provide cots for anyone needing to remain at the station overnight. Additionally, the warming station will accept any animals that accompany their owners; however, they may need to remain kenneled within the facility.

Residents are encouraged to stay home during this time. The City will not be accepting donations or requesting volunteers from the public for its warming stations. For those kindly wishing to make a donation during this time, the City asks that they contact The Junction, Salvation Army, or any other local service provider to find a safe means of giving.

Continued operation of the emergency Civic Center warming station will be evaluated on a day-by-day basis as the severe weather conditions stated above improve.

Source: City of Denton

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