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City Announces Reduction in Residential and Commercial Solid Waste and Recycling Rates

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Residential Rates Decrease by $3 a Month, and Commercial Recycling Rates Decrease by Approximately 14 Percent

On Nov. 5, the Denton City Council approved reductions for solid waste residential and commercial collection service rates. Residents will see a $3 reduction in monthly fees for both large and standard carts, and commercial businesses will see various rate reductions including an approximate 14 percent decrease in recycling rates. The new rates went into effect Nov. 6, and customers will begin seeing the decreased rates with subsequent billing cycles.

Lower collection fees are due to increased revenue received from six independent companies making waste-volume and rate agreements with the City. The increased revenue from the contracted agreements offsets the cost associated with landfill programs that residents pay through monthly collection fees. This grants the City the opportunity to provide rate decreases for residential customers.

Residential solid waste customers will see monthly rates decrease from $24.51 to $21.51 if they currently use a standard cart. Customers with large cart service will see rates decrease from $29.26 to $26.26. These reductions result in a total of $36 saved per year.

“Providing a quality service at the lowest possible cost to customers is part of our commitment to fiscal responsibility within the City of Denton,” said Brian Boerner, Director of Solid Waste and Recycling. “We want to use our resources as equitably as possible.”

This rate reduction is part of the City’s overall goal to offer cost savings and improved efficiencies to customers. This is the second rate reduction in the past three years that residents will see in their monthly bill. In FY2018, residential waste collection rates decreased by 12 percent, reducing standard cart monthly rates from $27.85 and large cart monthly rates from $33.25. With this new rate reduction, residents will see a total savings of $76.08 to $83.88 per year from the FY2017 rate.

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