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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Anvitha Reddy

Bloom Yoga integrates inclusivity, progressivism into yoga to build community

Sliding doors separate the 95 degree heated rooms from the turquoise lobby at Bloom Yoga’s studio. The mural plastered on the wall of the lobby was created by a...

Mindful Mortal Cheese offers a transition to veganism through skull-shaped, dairy-free cheese

Pounds of cashews are pulsed into a paste with seasonings, then set in skull-shaped molds and formed into blocks of vegan cheese. For Aspen Carter and Emily Sanchez, UNT...

Denton skate shop prioritizes inclusivity and community

With walls plastered with rainbows and LGBTQ+ merchandise, Denton’s Ace of Skates aims to serve the skating and roller derby community with a focus on inclusivity. Denton resident and owner...